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Shoe0nhead gets called a Nazi for endangering LGBT folxs for calling out weird Balenciaga ad

Our adventure starts with this tweet from Shoeonhead:

the brand "Balenciaga" just did a uh..... interesting... photoshoot for their new products recently which included a very purposely poorly hidden court document about 'virtual child porn'. normal stuff

This situation blew up in the media :marseyjourno:and ultimately resulted in Balenciaga leaving twitter (Misinfomatiom they left twitter before this whole debacle) and deleting all of their instragram posts. This sudden act led to more suspicion of the "luxury" brand where :chudsey:,:marseymagahat:,:marseybluecheck:,:marseyhomofascist:,:marseyridin:,:marseytinfoil2: begin to discuss whats going on:

:chudsey:posts a meme saying the pedos are a part of the lgbtQ

:marseybluecheck: calls chuds dumb fricks for lumping libertarians in with gays, and they are the problem with society

:marseytinfoil2: says It's all connected without further elaboration

Some people begin to :marseynoooticer: some weird connections:

:marseymagahat:So Ye is cancelled but this is good in the eyes of the MSM?

:marseytinfoil2:He was recently cancelled by Balenciaga too. It's all so weird.

While some choose to notice quietly others will notice loudly :marseypedosnipe:

We are up against demons. The groomer problem is real. It’s not a “dumb culture war” issue. These people want to r*pe your kids in one way or another and they think it’s funny.

He's just not tapping on the sign he's banging on it!

Yikes sweaty! This could be interpreted as problematic in current year! And thats exactly what happened when Destiny knock off Xanderhal found the tweet and malded :marseymalding: at shoe by tweeting out:

:marseyridin:Shoe0nhead on her way to once again use her massive platform to provide the neo-nazis in her audience with fodder they can use to justify the murder of gay people but this time the day after another Anti-Gay terror attack.

Fans come out to defend Shoe saying this is overdramatic

:marseycry:Xan, please don’t conflate her calling out a company for doing a really weird and gross modeling shoot with giving Nazis ammo. We should be able to call out companies doing weird shit, especially since it has nothing to do with the queer community.

Shoe responds to the last tweet by saying:

too late he did it. and unfollowed me. just like contra, the serfs, hunter etc. all of them over libertarian shit. normal and cool. not gonna stop me from talking about it.

Hilarious that it's only terminally online :marseyrevolution:. Lefties sneed at this tweet :marseysneed: with one :marseytrain2: responding:

what are you trying to imply here shoe? cuz it kinda sounds like you're trying to imply something.

Shoe what did you mean by this? More seethe ensues:

"I swear I'm not providing ammo to the far right, I'm just calling out weird behavior when I see it" implies Contra is a libertarian unprompted


Some trains actually attempt to defend shoe but get quickly derailed by others

Hi. I'm trans and queer. Right wingers calling everyone groomers is a plague and a problem. But pointing out a legitimate problem like Shoe seems to have done is not contributing to the problem. That's the reactionaries appropriating it. Place the blame where it belongs.

What legitimate problem? Shoe is the one handing them a conspiracy theory complete with unsubstantiated claims based on disparate info she decided was connected without ever demonstrating it.


You love to see it

Nuance Bro chimes in

What’s your issue with her Balenciaga coverage? Are you on Balenciaga’s side?


I dont see what Balenciaga has to do with lgbt stuff. Isn't this kinda on Pedro for spinning it into an anti-lgbt narrative? Am I missing something? I'm genuinely confused.

No, you're not missing anything. Xan is being disingenuous.

:marseyleftoidschizo:Bruh do you not see the neo nazis

My neighbors dog is a fascist


Others call out Xanderhal for his insane takes:

Holy shit, what a sociopath.


Unfortunately, the drama ending is anticlimactic with both shoe and xan blocking one another. So we'll end it on a smuggie!


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ultimately resulted in Balenciaga leaving twitter

They left Twitter before that happened.



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