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Drama compilation around the news of the Non-binary shooter. Featuring various smug rightoids and coping leftoids.

There's too much good drama from both sides so I decided to complie it and curate it into one post. Hope you guys enjoy!


Matt Walsh :#chudsey:

Original Tweet:

Sorry but if you're on the Left then you have no right to deny the shooter's non-binary identity. You set a precedent here and we will hold you to it. You have to respect his identity. I don't. You do. These are your rules. Now take your medicine and shut up.


Being nonbinary doesn’t make you left wing. His grandfather was a maga republiKKKan politician

One drop rule sweaty. If you're father was a chud then so are you

Sure we can. When it's claimed in bad faith we sure as frick CAN deny it. If the shooter can provide some ACTUAL history of his non-binary identity (LGBTQ groups they were apart of, posts expressing their gender identity as NB, etc) then sure. But last minute claims? Nah.

WOW this is just like when Republikkkans asked to see OBAMAS birth certificate. Very chuddy and not OK

If they're nonbinary then 'his' is not appropriate. I know this is complicated. The kid's table is over there, I'm sure they can help you out.

"Sorry chud you disrespected xheir pronouns, therefore your argument is invalid. The Kiddos table is over there"

Literally they only qualification to be non-binary according to the left is self identification. So by their own definition the shooter is absolutely non-binary.

ok. so what?


Alejandra Carabello :#marseytrain2:

Orignal Tweet by Xer:

All indications from people who knew the shooter were that he was violent and homophobic. The identification as nonbinary is almost certainly a troll.


The report that he was non binary came from his lawyer, possibly as an alibi for any hate crime charge.


It’s no different than Kyle R*ttenhouse claiming he was scared for his life — a brazen, gaslighty attempt to confuse the public narrative.

I can believe this crytpochuds are misgendering Kylie!

Only real LGBTQ allies know that he is not non-binary. Even his own mother doesn't believe he's non-binary. I'd love to see him go in for a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is, and it come back negative. They do that to everyone who claim to be non-binary in court.

Apparently just identifying as non binary isn't valid anymore


Adam (Your movie sucks) :#marseyprojection:

Original Tweet:

So apparently the right wing are skipping the usual "They had nothing to do with us" rhetoric and are instead going with "Maybe if all gay people stopped being libertarians then you wouldn't get shot so much".


There are liberals, lefties, and progressives that are against grooming, right?

Oh honey. We’re not the ones grooming and raping children. Check your pastors and sports coaches. Oh, don’t forget your GOP politicians and their spouses. And your uncles, brothers, friends. Cis het men are the predators you’re looking for. Ta!

Everybody but my ingroup are groomers/libertarians

This is a horrifying evolution. They're just straight up justifying murder through dehuminization

it is almost as though they are like nazis or something


They won’t stop until someone hits back hard

What did he mean by this?


Blaire White :#marseypass2:

Original Tweet:

The Colorado shooter is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. The entire Left just pulled an Alex Jones, falsely blaming a shooting on someone else. I won’t hold my breath on the fines, though.



Alex Jones was fined for stochastically terrorizing the victim's families.

Apparently stochastic terrorism charges are worth 3 trillion dollars

You know why you guys get the first look when these things happen?Motive and Means.You encourage people to be heavily armed, and you encourage people to view LGBTQ+ people in a hateful, dehumanizing, and sometimes even murderous way.

:marseyakshually: its was the Republikkkans that made the homo shoot at other homos

So we can just say these things now without providing any source lol? Yikes

Yokes sweaty, you cant acuse people of stuff unless they're chuds!

TheSerfsTv :#marseyrake:

OG Yweet:

Interesting the Colorado shooter is the first person that the far right accepts as non-binary


. . . even if it is obvious that the shooter made up the non-binary excuse as a "get out of jail free" card.

How is that obvious?

The police should hire this guy he already solved the case!

It's so crazy that this is the first non-binary person they're willing to accept exists, and only when the defense attorneys just claim it after a mass shooting where there's hate crime charges involved! How interesting that those coincidences just line up.

People will believe anything as long its lets them dunk on the otherside


All the while his own mother refers to him as son, he, him. This is all made up to put the blame on lgbt people. All the while inciting more and more hate and violence against them

The mom is just a chud that wont accept her heckin valid childs identity!

Vaush :#marseystalin:

Original Tweet:

Hm, what’s the one thing a far-right terrorist who shot up an LGBT club could say to stir up the media and provide cover for the far-right pundits whose message they’re acting on

Of course, it doesn’t actually matter whether or not the shooter is really non-binary, people from marginalized groups are perfectly capable of committing hate crimes against their own group. Conservatives constantly accuse white liberals of being anti-white after all


Maybe you should have just waited for all of the evidence to come out before opening your mouth about it. It might be less embarrassing for you.

I dont know if this is true, but Vaush has had a history of giving his (wrong) opinion on mass shooting events

They were literally nonbinary

ah yes the far right individual whose grandfather is a gop politician and whose online presence shows no proof of having ever been non binary must totally be telling the truth about their they/them pronouns. totally not just an attempt to avoid getting convicted of a hate crime

You can still get convicted for a hate crime against your own group. But these brainleta don't care

like the shooter saying they’re non binary was the one exact thing conservatives were looking for to completely delegitimize the whole thing and deflect any blame for it

Honestly I would have never guessed the person was non-binary. I thought it was going to be aayo chud

Erin Reed (ErinInTheMorn) :#marseysnoo:

This section is just going to be her tweets since Xhes going on full defense for the homo community:

The shooter called himself "Your boy" in a video when arrested in 2021. He uses homophobic slurs often according to his neighbor, "in a very hateful way."His last minute parting shot claiming he's non-binary is not in good faith.This just proves he's one of Matt Walsh's own.


Were the chuds wrong?!?

And of course, a history of homophobic slurs.I swear to god if the shooter is using non-binary identification as a parting shot to the trans community and the right wing laps it up... This is extremely sick.

Surely memebers of the LGBTQX would never use the word cute twink


No, Matt Walsh. We don’t have to respect the shooters last minute parting troll shot. We don’t have to respect it any more than we have to any of your ilk’s “I identify as an attack helicopter” mocking jokes.This just proves that he was one of yours and what his motive was.

Chuds only have one joke SMH


Christopher Rufo :#marseyjourno:

Original Tweet:

The NYT published a deranged op-ed claiming that my reporting on drag queen story hour was somehow responsible for the recent shooting in Colorado. Now we find out the shooter identifies as "nonbinary" and uses "they/them" pronouns.The NYT used the tragedy to falsely smear me.


Nyt told the truth. It’s very bizarre for a straight cis yt man to be so obsessed with the lives of gay men.



"5 people got murdered but I'm the real victim here!"

Only one bad thing can happen at a time chud

I'm gonna go ahead and agree that you are responsible for the recent shooting in Colorado.


Kevin Sorbo :#marseystars:

Dont know who it is but he seems dramatic:

The “republiKKKans are violent” crowd sure got quiet after it was discovered the Colorado shooter is non binary and identifies with they/them pronouns.


It’s still a hate crime. Nothing else actually matters, does it Kevin?


Don’t worry, Kev, republiKKKans are still violent. They’ll always have the lion’s share of that market.

This but unironically

Now they'll either shut up altogether or start blaming the old nemesis, Guns. Too bad Colorado is a gun controlled liberal paradise.


Random Dramtic Tweets :#marseypopcorntime:

DO NOT FALL FOR THE PROPAGANDA. The Colorado shooter is identifying as non binary after the shooting for the first time ever in court documents because they are trying to avoid hate crime charges. They were referred to as he/him and a man in every previous interaction


The media is not telling you that the mentally ill non-binary guy who shot up the Colorado gay club had an absentee father who did gay porn.


the shooter is literally a 4chan chud so forgive me if i dont believe for a fricking second that he's non-binary



If the Colorado murderer is non-binary you know what that changes? fricking nothing. Still a disaffected young white person with easy access to weapons of mass killing, and law enforcement who did nothing even when the red flags were waving last year. This is a distraction only.

At the end of the day the mayos did this


seeing tras saying that the colorado shooter is likely just claiming nonbinary status so he doesn't get charged for a hate crime is surreal because they're terfing themselves. radfems have been talking for ages about how easily self id can be abused & have been vilified for it.


Jump in the discussion.

No email address required.

Sorry but if you're on the Left then you have no right to deny the shooter's non-binary identity. You set a precedent here and we will hold you to it. You have to respect his identity. I don't. You do. These are your rules. Now take your medicine and shut up.

is this the rightoid version of


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  • 95

Never really understood this smuggie. Yeah, he's an atheist holding a theist to their own moral code. He doesn't have to sincerely believe in someone's moral philosophy while holding them accountable to it.

I'm guessing this was made by a smug r-slur. :marseyhmm:

  • 77

Usually their version of "Jesus would X" is based on what they learned in a strip mall church, or is based on what they want Jesus to have advocated for. Why would Christians care what an atheist with a surface pass understanding of Christianity think?

Same goes for gender shit, why would someone who cares about enby stuff care about what a rightoid thinks about it?

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why would someone who cares about enby stuff care about what a rightoid thinks about it?

Because someone is WRONG ON THE INTERNET!


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Dismissing when somebody calls you out as a hypocrite just because that person comes from the team you don't like shows that you actually don't have principles and just like to engage in masturbatory virtue signaling with your friends who will never say anything bad about you.

  • 41

Why would I listen to someone's biblical interpretation if that person absolutely hates everything about the bible? If you don't even agree that Jesus was the son of god why would I want to hear more about what you think Jesus thought about XXXX issue?

It's not hypocritical to ignore people who are wrong about something.

  • 24

Why would I listen to a non smoker’s opinion about cigarettes? They don’t even smoke bruv, how are they supposed to know what’s good for me or not


  • 22

When discussing which brand of cigs tastes the best? Yeah why would I ask a non smoker?

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ameriKKKan spirit.


Smoke up, king

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Cry to sky daddy manlet

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:marseyangel:Repent please :!marseyangel:

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Why would communists accept criticism from someone who hasn't read theory and written a dissertation on it :marseyauthleft:

  • 6

They generally.dont, they usually talk about killing the bourgeoise and anyone who opposes them

  • 7

Because that describes 90%+ of communists.

  • 4

>hates everything about the bible?

Completely irrelevant.

If you ignore them because they are wrong, that is a different story. But then phrase it that way and preferably refute them if you want people like me to believe you.

  • 1

Shut up cute twink this thread is over a day old

  • 4

If for once one of my notifs is not just a new carp thread, you can bet I'll reply

  • 3

If your principles don't apply to people you don't like, they're not principles but convenient rhetorical devices


  • 13

I mean, if that person’s team is breaking and going against all the rules and teachings why should their accusations of hypocrisy have any weight? At best they’re just the kettle calling grey kettle black.

  • 4

Enemies are annoying sometimes but they are useful in keeping you honest, your friends will never be able to be critical about you to the same extent.

>why should their accusations of hypocrisy have any weight?

Because facts don't care about your or their feelings.

To make it easier to understand, let's make this about something else. If you meet a vocal feminist who still insists on you paying for all dates, you can deduce that she is full of shit even if you hate feminism.

  • 2
  1. I don't need enemies to keep me honest - I have enough self-awareness for that.

  2. My friends are perfectly capable of being critical about me when necessary - they just don't feel the need to do it all the time because they know I'm not perfect and I'm okay with that.

  3. I don't need some random person to tell me that the vocal feminist I met is full of shit - I can figure that out on my own, thank you very much.

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Why would Christians care what an atheist with a surface pass understanding of Christianity think?

Because they're more accurate about :marseyjesus: than evangelicals :marseyeva:

  • 14

Won't hear me argue with that to much, frick evangelicals

  • 11

Evangelicalmisia is unacceptable, please do better :marseydisagree:

  • 8

Are you suggesting that the creator of this meme might be a bad faith actor :marseypearlclutch: ?

  • 31

Worse. Bad faith actors know what they are doing. This guy is r-slurred

  • 10

It's usually thrown at someone who makes a charge of hypocrisy that is easily overturned with even passing knowledge of the cathecism. Hence making fun of the unearned condesension.

  • 20

meme created by :chu#dsey:

  • 17

Because it's absolutely not the actual moral code. It's a surface level understanding of it at best.

  • 11

I both think it's describing valid criticism of religious lunatics and accurately depicting how insufferable lefties deliver such criticism are.


  • 13

The entire point of the concept is that you can't criticize your opponent if you have to call your own ideology r-slurred to do it.

Thats why it doesn't work in this case. Rightoids think this twink can hang just as much as anyone else.

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The local drama-theists admonish him for not knowing enough of whatever religion he's criticizing. :marseyshrug:

>Noo, you can't boil down my beliefs into a generic and valid statement

>We have so many rules, so there's no way we can be called hypocrites or be caught in a contradiction

Honestly, it all sounds like christ cope. :marseysmug:

  • 4

That’s literally the policy leftoids have advocated for. You can change your gender at any time and all that’s needed is a declaration.

Leftoids understanding of Christianity is usually “Just be a good person like Jesus said” :soyjak:

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More like rightoid alinsky

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Gonna save that one for later.

trans lives matter too no one


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