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Bong :marseybong: foid who was tasked to write a hit piece on JK Rowling's :marseyrowling: trainsphobia, "the LGBTQIAP++ writer who disavowed the :marseytrain: menace" tweets another set of tweets on she was hoodwinked :marseyhoodwink: by the Globotraino :marseyglobohomo:

First thread

Here are the stated list of excuses

  • It’s just common knowledge

  • Go Google “JK Trans” and you’ll see it

  • It’s hard to pick one quote bc it’s everything she says, ever

  • “I’m not doing your research for you”

  • Why are you asking me? No I didn’t say she was quickly deletes TL

  • It’s not what she’s said, but when she said it.And how

  • Transphobia is in the eye of the beholder

  • “Wikipedia”🙄

  • She wrote a book I haven’t read that has a trans villain


  • She was exposed years ago. It’s known

  • Here’s an article someone wrote on tumblr

  • Her friends/associates/fellow people with R for a last name are also anti-trans.Duh

  • Look at this screenshot I suspiciously cropped

  • “You are no longer able to send messages to this person”

  • Why are YOU asking, what’s it got to do with lesbians?


  • She just is. No don’t look at the source material. NO DON’T!

If you’re looking for hate in JK’s tweets via todays “journ*lism”, I’ve got bad news for ya. Pssst… The call is coming from inside the house.


Pretty spot on. I had the same fricking experience all over reddit.

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it doesn't matter if you think her tweets weren't transphobic. if she says "good morning" and a trans person finds it offensive, she is objectively a transphobic bigot who is directly calling for genocide. :talk2hand:

this is what i saw all over twitter, just slightly less over the top.

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Transphobia is in the eye of the beholder

of course

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it was more "if one trans person says she's transphobic, then she's transphobic." and less "everyone has a different opinion".

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Wasn't that contrapoints who said that? I forgot

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i dunno, but i saw a few different people saying it today. not exactly in those words, but still.

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From the creators of "troll physics," "troll philosophy": for any thing, that thing is transphobic iff a :marseytrain: says it is transphobic

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The cure is to find transphobic :marseytrain:s who can criticize their own people and ideas. People will listen if it comes from one of their own.

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Blaire White is one of their own, and they want to burn her at the stake.

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nah unfortunately look at Buck Angel he's hated in the tranner "community"


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You back for good? :marseyshy:

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idk bb mb ig

ur trips coming up ye? stay safe have fun 🤗 i hope u find the most beautiful n kind brahmin b-word that'll accept ur Kshatriyas butt 🙌🏾 (i looked up these words btw bb idk if i'm using em right)


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please stay ;_;


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i love ur dog sm bb 😭😭 ur hair too 😘😘


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I'm a Brahman too :marseyseethe:

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bb this fits better imo



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manlets are despised (for good reason) globally anyway tho

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They don’t because if they’re remotely normal, they’re stealthing.

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they’re remotely normal


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They’re called transmeds and AGPs wish for their violent death daily. They can’t be reasoned with.

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>Transphobia is in the eye of the beholder



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Is that a woman now? I cant keep track.

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People say "you don't get to tell trans people what's transphobic" in reality, no one is. People are just saying your complaints are petty and unreasonable.

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your complaints are petty and unreasonable.

Pls I want people to say this more directly and firmly. Entertaining all these criticisms and trying to validate everyone is what brought us all these issues

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Not everyone is so privileged that they can have a “good morning” just because you told them to. Especially trans people who, I don’t know if you’ve noticed from up there on your high horse, are literally being genocided daily… you need to check yourself and get your heart right, bigot

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I love when they dont back down to the online mob

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I love opening fire on the online mob

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I don’t understand why this isn’t an auto reply to every sirpingsalot post

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Would need to be an edited version where it's far into fedposting.

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There was no nuance there, lol

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:marseybluecheck: :#marseymini:

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write RDRAMA DOT Net on your ar15, give us a shout out (in minecraft)



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i would write "kiwifarms" on my shit just to frick up null's day

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it's not my job to educate you sweaty

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Then why do you spend so much effort trying to educate and spread the word?


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This is just the personification of this meme


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Getting information out of a liberal is tricky. You have to make them feel like they're writing a meme or a comic strip. In that case they'll bury you in words.

But once they start to suspect that they're having a conversation, they clam up, their eyes roll back in their head, and they give you the ol' "It's not my job to educate you."

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You have to make them feel like they're writing a meme or a comic strip

Just stroke the ego

>wow you’re so right, that really is holding back our society

>definitely true, I see that everywhere. Could it also be a systemic issue?

>any chance that minorities are disproportionately affected by this?

>you’re smarter than the government AND the education system, your voice is sooo valid and you should definitely be in a position of power

Something like that. They will gladly educate you and tell you everything you don’t want to know:marseylaugh:

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There's a reason they obsessively use 'Bad Faith' because they know everyone needs to trick a liberal into telling the truth

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The (((Chaya Raichik))) way

(Trans lives matter)


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Its actually really fricking weird to get into a discussion with a lib and they just turn into a totally different person when they realize you dont agree with them. Like they just absolutely lose the plot and start freaking the frick out. At that point you arent actually talking to a real person, youre debating talking points they heard on CNN or MSNBC or twitter and their brains have just shut off. Youre their enemy and they wont actually listen to anything you have to say.

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Same results if you ask these "people" how Jordan Peterson is alt right 🤔

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Lobster Daddy's status as Chud Supreme is literally explained by this meme that rocket daddy (of course) posted a while ago.


Peterson is uncontroversial centre-right by 2000s standards, but the leftoids have gone so insane the last 15-20 years, he's suddenly the Canadian reincarnation of Hermann Göring.

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He can't be alt right because he never actually says anything. He can talk for an hour and have made zero meaningful statements, it's honestly impressive.

That being said, a friend I had who really liked him ended up convinced corona was a tool made by globalists to genocide white people. Maybe there's some secret chud dog whistling in there that I just can't hear.

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Rslurs that listen to online self help man were always ngmi and it's basically inevitable they fall down some rabbit hole.

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If you have to be told to clean your room by lobster daddy there a good chance you're already headed down the rabbit hole.

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It’s not specifically genociding white people, but other than that your friend seems pretty spot on

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Nah, he's fricking nuts. Bought a cabin in the woods and started hoarding rice because he thought the food chain would collapse.

The guy is around that age where it might be schizophrenia, but I don't know him well enough to drag a raging schizo to a psychiatrist.

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I wish I could afford to buy a cabin in the woods and hoard food. Sounds comfy tbh

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Leafland has many affordable opportunities for shitty cabins in the middle of nowhere.

You won't have electricity, running water, or gas, and you'll have to cut cords of wood to keep from freezing in the winter.

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He promotes cleaning your room and taking care of your body which are both obviously alt-right dog whistles and a sign of whiteness sweaty

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He's also an eccentric who only eats meat and cries on camera about the ravages of socialism

I suppose you'd have to start with a screw loose to be successful in academic psychology

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Online self help gurus are for the biggest losers. Left or right wing.

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Online groupthink: not even once:marseybowl:

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It's so strange that he gets targeted. If you actually listen to his views they're maybe centre-right and pretty common and nothing really controversial at all.

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Her friends/associates/fellow people with R for a last name are also anti-trans.Duh

People with R for a last name?

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I think its an example on the random criteria trains choose to call someone transphobic

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Mebbe republiKKKan?

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Donald Re‍pu‍blican :marseymagahat:

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Unironically what tweets do people even use to show that she's transphobic? I don't think I've ever actually seen someone link one lol

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Thats the neat part, they don't. If you ask for a single transphobic quote they can never provide one

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Bad faith questions don't deserve my attention

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If you're not actively and visibly fellating digital shenis, you're a transphobe in the eyes of the vocal online tranners.

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Does anyone see JK Rowling trending on twitter like every fricking day? Or does twitter just show that for me since I follow Contrapoints?

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It's usually to the tune of "saying intercourse and gender are different or that cis and trans women have different life experiences is transphobic".

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If you’re looking for hate in JK’s tweets via todays “journ*lism”, I’ve got bad news for ya. Pssst… The call is coming from inside the house.

journ*lism, sociology, activism, rights groups cause every issue they pretend to solve. Remove journos and you remove the hate.

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Its not thursday you r-slur


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Not for you it's not. :marseyoceania:

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there's nothing transphobic stating factual reality but tranners don't live in reality


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I think a year or two back there was one about how she thought there shouldn't be transwomen in womens shelters or something like that. Cannot confirm though but that's the only one I know of.

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It's not just trans women that shelters should be concerned about, it's all women. Why should any woman be subjected to living in close quarters with men, regardless of how those men identify? It's a safety issue, and trans women are no more or less safe than any other woman.

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