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SoyJakker are raiding twitch streamers AGAIN

A bit of the background. If people don't know Soyjaks people initially come from the /qa board of 4chan. Being a bunch of raiders so obnoxious that even 4chan finally decided to nuke the board. They moved to their own image board called soyjak.party. After surviving some CP spam, Kuz, some Russian janny (who wanted to buy 4chan and kiwifarm at one point), decided to buy it. He also helps kick stated the Jackbox raid.

Now The Jackbox Party Pack is a game where twitch streamer interacts with viewers. You can guess how the raid goes. It was pretty successful since jakkers :trumpjaktalking: only target small streamers with some characteristics (TRANS, NEURODIVERGENT, LGBT, VTUBER). The tactic involves spamming the discord or changing the profile pic with Nick Avocado's porn, gore porn of black people, and Scat porn. Using jackbox to post racist prompts , going to discord voice chat to yelling BIPOC BIPOC BIPOC :trumpjaktalking:. The point is to get messages or porn on the stream to be clipped and banned by Twitch. If you want even more detail here is the soyjak wiki page https://soyjak.wiki/Jackbox_Raiding (yes there is a wiki AND a image posting site to save all the rare wojak/soyjak/chud)

Ok, here are some of my favorite gems from the raid a couple of months ago. 18+ warning

a :marseytrain2: get to enjoy the Cado coin slot :

a bunch of cute twinks gets raided

"WHAT DO YOU GAIN FROM THIS " :marseylaugh

a :marseytrain2: who can't learn and get jannied on stream in a trilogy

1 2 3

"that was so clean " :marseylaughwith

This one is so great because the vtuber model caught the emotion

Now that is some good timing from the jak teens

Even better teamwork. "I hate people" :marseyemojirofl:

My absolute favorite gem. The vtuber cried and got banned for showing porn and gore ON STREAM what a special girl

now, most of these guys were banned for like 3 days UP to 30 days. Whose fault was this ? twitch strict rules? yes. These streamers for playing these game on twitch ? Yes. Jakkers degenerate? Yes. Me? yes. But frick, it was pretty funny

Anyway, there is a new wave there to raid but It seems to be much slower than before. They got a couple of vtubers up to 30 days ban

at 4:30 btw


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lol my friends and I used to do this when we were bored and drunk, find some 4 viewer female streamer and put really raunchy shit in the prompts

the gore and scat porn is a little weird tho

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the worst/best part is that they clipped it then report it to twitch to get them banned

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Are there any good raid bots on twitch left

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I really don't know the technical stuff just here to enjoy and report. Check the wiki above for details and raid technique

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Some of the jakkers post really deranged edits.

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the gore and scat porn is a little weird tho

Yeah, that's really shitty

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