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lmao he'd get the rope here

:#marseycracka: :#marseysingapore: :#marseyropewithchingchong:


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I wonder how hard it would be to score a gram of weed in Singapore

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easy if you have money


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In Asia LoL g*mers train for 18 hours a day, win world championship and get paid in used mousepad and condoms they'll never be able to use.

Meanwhile In ameriKKKa LoL g*mers train for 15 minutes a day, lose all games at world championship and get paid 200 millions dollars a week

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Some one told remind them China bad Taiwan good

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Well in Xi land he'd probably get executed instead of 4 years in prison

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So he wouldnโ€™t been r-slur enough to start selling drugs

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Covid backwards is a Jewish word.


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