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EFFORTPOST rDrama Featureset [last revision 8MAY23]

Hello! Welcome to rDrama! What follows is a brief rundown of key features and mechanics of the site to help ease users into their time here. Whether a dry, enormous wall of text is the best method of providing that is debatable, but at the very least it should serve as a handy reference material for some parties. There are no jokes or wit to be found on this page: this is strictly dry documentation.


The economy of the platform, built on a pair of proprietary fiat currencies. This economy is the foundation of the platform, and virtually all user actions are taken out of a desire for personal enrichment.


  • Dramacoin (dc) - The primary currency, somewhat analogous to karma. One (1) dramacoin is awarded to a user for every vote they get on a post or comment. Upvotes and downvotes both pay 1dc, except during "double xp" events which are exactly what they sound like. Other methods of amassing dramacoin include, but are not limited to, Marsey submissions, the casino, the lottershe, hat commissions, betting threads, user exchanges, treasure chests.

  • Marseybux (mb) - The premium currency. Marseybux spend exactly the same as dramacoin, with the only exceptions being the Grass Award. Marseybux are given out in tiered monthly stipends to paypigs (among other benefits) of rDrama's Gumroad. Marseybux are also the usual currency for payouts of site contests, events, and coding bounties.

The Shops

rDrama has two shops, which will be discussed in this section.

  • Award Shop - The Award Shop is divided into three aisles: Graphical, Status Effect, and Profile Upgrade.
    Graphical awards make obnoxious graphics appear on posts. Each item includes a description of its effect, but, for example, the Wholesome award will make the Marsey variant of the Reddit Wholesome Seal (Tene) float around the screen and bounce off the walls. Applying more Wholesome awards to that thread will add more wholesome seals. All graphical awards stack (with the exception of Confetti), usually up to 5. Graphical awards also pay the recipient (unless self-awarded) 10% of the award's cost.
    Status Effects apply a status to the recipient for a set duration of time, also explained in the item description. The Ban award bans the recipient for 24 hours, the Pizzashill award requires the recipient to make their comments a minimum of 280 characters for 24 hours in honor of our long-time incel longposter @pizzashill, the Marsey award only lets the recipient type in Marsey emojis for 24 hours, and so on. Each House also has 1 House-specific award at the time of this writing, though that number will increase in the future.
    And, finally, Profile Upgrades are expensive, high-end items that will permanently improve the recipient's site experience and give them an animated profile badge related to the upgrade. This ranges from admin-tier powers such as permanent Unblockable status, the inability for people to unfollow the recipient, an unmuteable profile anthem, the ability to see users' alts, to view private profiles, and more. All dramacoin spent in the Award Shop is recorded and at certain intervals, profile badges are awarded and each tier grants the user a permanent 2% discount at the Award Shop.

  • Hat Shop - The Hat Shop is an inconveniently large collection of user-submitted, Carp-approved hats that users can buy to wear on their avatar. Static hats are 500dc/mb each, animated ones are 1000dc/mb each. Hats are equipped after being purchased by pressing the "Equip" button, and an unlimited number of hats can be worn. It will cycle through them at random with each pageload. Hat designers receive 10% of the sale price for each sale of one of their designs. Purchasing hats also drives up the hat collection tally on the buyer's profile, and at certain intervals (capping at 250), users are automatically granted hat collector profile badges.

The Casino

Marsey's Palace, rDrama's very own digital casino, has four games at the time of this writing. Total winnings (or losses) are tracked on users' profiles, and daily as well as all-time leaderboards are found on each game's page. There are plans for more in the near-ish future, including Marsey racing, peer-to-peer poker, and craps, as well as an in-casino shop that will allow for unique skins for slot machines, custom decks of cards, and more.

  • Roulette - Users bet on a variety of outcomes upon which the roulette wheel can stop, with variable payouts based on odds. Unlimited bets can be placed. Results come in every five minutes and are constant across the site.

  • Blackjack - Get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. Dealer stands on 17. This is not pure RNG; we use four decks and they are literally shuffled. It is not rigged and it does not learn from you. It is pure math.

  • Slots - Slot machines don't require an explanation as far as I'm concerned. Odds are fixed and each spin is entirely random based on those odds, with a variety of possible combinations and payouts. A jackpot feature will be added.

  • Lottershe - The lottery. Buy tickets, make the jackpot increase. One lucky user will be awarded the entire thing every 10 days, along with a profile badge indicating their immense skill.

Miscellaneous Economy

  • Every comment a user makes has a 1:100 chance of generating a treasure chest or a mimic. Treasure awards the user 1-1000 dramacoin, mimics will steal 1-500.

  • Every approved Marsey submission pays 250 dramacoin to the artist. Marseys are discussed later in this document.

  • Administrators will occasionally host betting threads for sporting events, spree shooter racial identities and victim counts, election results, and drunken whims. Bets are a flat 200dc each, and all users who voted for the winning choice receive the total amount bet divided equally among them.

  • Every profile has a "Send Dramacoin" and "Send Marseybux" button and users frequently solicit goods and services in exchange for currency.

  • There are, somewhat obviously, other minor ways in which currency is earned and spent, but those are relative edge cases and will be mentioned as necessary throughout this document.

User Experience


Users have robust customization options, for both their chosen outward "aesthetic" and for their own personal site experience. This section deals with the first tab of the Settings Page.

  • Theme - Users can select from a number of starkly different and visually pleasing themes, from the retro Win98, to the retrofuture Tron, to the simple yet elegant Coffee and Dramblr to 4chan and beyond.

  • Background - Users have the option to set a background to fill the whitespace should they so choose, either one of many preset backgrounds, or, for paypigs, the ability to upload their own. These can be either static or animated.

  • House - Users have the option of joining one of four rDrama Houses, which will be discussed later in this document.

  • Profile Picture - The user's avatar or "pfp" - self-explanatory. This can be animated or static.

  • Banner - Also self-explanatory. The banner at the top of a user's profile and the popout module when their name is clicked. Static or animated.

  • Username - Users have the ability to change their username at any time and at no cost. The original username is always reserved to them. The next field allows for customizing the color of one's username.

  • Pronouns - In the interest of maximum inclusivity, rDrama allows for users to set any pronouns they desire in this field. Pronouns cap at 5 characters each, but if one has a specific neopronoun that is longer, administrative exceptions can be made.

  • Flair - A short message that appears beside your name, maximum of 100 characters. Site emojis and regular emojis are allowed and encouraged. The next flair allows for choosing the color of one's flair.

  • Profile Anthem - A song that autoplays on a user's profile. This can be done by simply inputting a YouTube URL, or via direct MP3 upload.

  • Bio - Self-explanatory. Tell the website about yourself, or insult them.

  • Friends and Enemies - Perhaps even more self-explanatory. Tell the world who you love and hate. Users are notified if they are listed as a friend or an enemy.

  • Signature - A paypig-only feature, and a throwback to the forums of yesteryear.

  • Private Mode - Hide your post history from both search engines and other users. Users with the All-Seeing Eye profile upgrade can see through this.

  • Spider - A friendly spider will crawl across your screen when you are browsing rDrama.

  • Filters - Users can disable both slurs and profanity should they so choose. rDrama shibboleths will also automatically replace a number of words and terms with the Slur Filter enabled. Both are enabled by default and disabling them is discouraged so as not to take the internet so seriously.

In-Depth Experience

  • Advanced Settings - Users also have access to a number of customization options for browsing and off-site links via the Advanced Settings Page, such as Reddit and Twitter replacers (i.e. reveddit, unddit, nitter, etc.), the number of threads per page, the ability to disable the flashier graphical effects here for lower-end hardware, and so on. Each option is explained in full on the Advanced Settings Page and will not be repeated here.

  • Custom CSS - From the CSS Page, users can add custom CSS to both their profile for all users to truly make it their own, and edit the site's CSS itself for their local viewing experience.


rDrama users have a particular fondness for collecting Profile Badges - small graphics indicating an achievement, contributing art to the site, highly visible bait, being featured in news articles, participation in an event, an admin's lust for them, and other such things. A full list of badges can be found here. New badges are issued relatively often and displayed at all times on the popout profile module, and user profiles themselves.


The Leaderboards can be accessed via the Trophy icon in the topnav on desktop, or bottomnav on mobile. Users can see where they stack up against their digital peers in a growing number of categories. There is currently no benefit to Leaderboard placement beyond bragging rights, but this is planned to change in the future.


Users have a number of options to visually spruce up their posts as well as adding interesting mechanics to them. These can be found under any comment or thread entry field by clicking "Formatting help". This document will provide an overview of common actions. Users familiar with Reddit markdown will be aware of a number of these already.

  • Bold/Italics - Surrounding text with ** on each side will make it bold, and * on each side will italicize it. For example: **bold** *italics* would show as bold italics.

  • Linebreaks - Users can add extra linebreaks to post with standard HTML by typing <BR>. Pressing the Enter/Return key will only result in a single linebreak.

  • Hyperlinks - Links can be added to a thread or comment via HTML, or with markdown like this: [This will link to Google](https://google.com) will appear as This will link to Google.

  • Media - Pictures and videos can be included in threads and comments as well, in two different ways. The simplest way is to just upload the media directly to the post via the Photo icon underneath the text entry field. Third-party media can be embedded with markdown as follows: https://imgur.com/example.png Note the exclamation point in the beginning, the empty brackets, and the image hotlink in the parentheses. YouTube URLs and Imgur URLs will automatically embed the media without any markdown, however.

  • Patting - Users have the option of giving a reassuring fondling to their peers. For example, if one wishes to pat the writer of this documentation, one would simply type :@carpathianfloristpat:. It is always just colon, at sign, username, with pat at the end, followed by another colon. This will appear as :@carpathianfloristpat:.

  • Polls - Users can include polls in their threads and comments by surrounding poll options, each on their own line, with either && or $$. The ampersand is single-choice, the dollar sign is multiple choice. Poll option formatting would be $$Choice A$$ and so on to allow for users to choose "Choice A" along with other choices, or &&Choice A&& to restrict users to only one choice.

  • Headers - Users can include headers or large text of varying sizes by including one or several hashtags/number signs at the beginning of the line, followed by a space. Sizes range from 1-6, with 1 being the largest, 6 being the smallest. So for a very large header, one would put the following text on its own line: # Large header whereas for a smaller header, one could do ### Smaller header or ##### Even smaller header.

  • Spoilers - Spoilers can be hidden by surrounding text with two absolute value signs on each side. The author of this document was going to include an example, but codeblock markdown doesn't play nicely with spoiler markdown.

  • Pings - Users can ping one another in the expected manner, by simply typing @username which will notify the user as well as link to their profile.

  • Ping Groups - Ping Groups are groups of users who can be pinged by typing !pinggroupname to notify everyone in that Ping Group. Existing Ping Groups can be joined or browsed from the sidebar, or by clicking here. So, for example, to ping every member of the Chuds Ping Groups, one would simply type !chuds which will appear as !chuds and notify every member that they have been mentioned. Pinging Ping Groups which one is not a member of costs 5dc per recipient and pays it to them in order to minimize spam.

  • RNG features - rDrama has taken and improved 4chan's greentext and #fortune commands, while also adding #roll and #factcheck. Users can get their fortune, roll a four-digit number, or factcheck a post by adding the requisite command anywhere in their thread or comment.


Holes are rDrama's equivalent of subreddits, and the author of this document has a tremendously low opinion of them.

  • Cost - Holes cost 50,000dc to create.

  • Expiration - If a Hole has no new posts in any 7-day period, it is automatically deleted. There are no refunds. The creator is, however, granted the rare Hole Neglecter badge.

  • Subscribing - In order to subscribe to a Hole, users must navigate to the Hole itself (/h/toomanyxchromosomes, for example) and click "Follow Hole" at the top of the page. This will notify the user when a new thread is posted there. One can then unsubscribe by pressing the Unsubscribe button that it will change to.

  • Restricted Holes - Some Holes are restricted by default, meaning one must opt into them (above) for their posts to be visible. All Hole owners have the option to restrict their Holes, though some such as /h/chudrama, are both restricted and gated behind a 1488 Truescore (total votes received) requirement.

  • Aesthetics - Hole moderators and owners can change everything about their Hole, from the CSS for all users, to the Marsey at the top of the page, to the sidebar image, and more. A battery of custom @Snappy quotes is available on request.

  • Moderation - As would be expected, Hole owners can appoint moderators, and these moderators can exile people from the Hole. Un-Holed posts can be moved to the Hole by reporting them with /h/HOLENAME, and posts can be removed from a hole by a moderator reporting the post with /h/.

Holigays & Events

rDrama has events, both recurring and one-off, which change the site in varying ways. These include, but are not limited to, double XP (2x coins per vote received), event-specific banners, forced themes and soundtracks, limited time cosmetic awards, a badge for all existing users commemorating the event, and more. A list of some rDrama Holigays follows.

  • Homoween - rDrama's first ever Holigay, runs throughout the month of October. Homoween is a big deal. A sitewide playlist plays on every page, the layout is completely redone with a dynamic banner that changes as the big day draws near, there are around a dozen seasonal awards, new badges are everywhere, and as of Homoween '22 there is the beloved ZIPOCalypse game in which Zombies battle the Vaxxmaxxed.

  • Fistmas - Christmas! Another big one, similar to Homoween in terms of temporary features, although Christmas-themed instead of horror-themed. Runs throughout December.

  • New Queers - Immediately following Fistmas is the New Queers bash. User-submitted yearly banners, double XP, and discounts on celebratory graphic awards.

  • Donkey Kong December - Runs every year from April 2nd to May 9th. Browse rDrama with a custom Donkey Kong playlist, special awards, DK-specific art and more.

  • Black History Month - Users who aren't confirmed Black are required to buy an N-Word Pass from the Item Shop in order to be able to say nigger. N-Word Pass proceeds are paid to confirmed Black users at the end of the month as reparations. POC-themed banners also replace the usual roster.

  • rDrama's Birthgay Bash - Every year in May, rDrama celebrates its birthday. New, permanent celebratory awards are released, a commemorative badge is issued to all users, and Double XP coupled with shop discounts ensures visual chaos.

  • The Gaythering of the Juggalos - rDrama proudly stands with los and lettes around the world and is down with the clown until we are six feet in the ground, ninja. Expect Double XP, Dark Carnival-themed usernames, and clown banners.

  • Future - Future Holigays are planned to be added to the roster as available man hours dictate. These include, but are not limited to: a week celebrating /u/Bardfinn's birthday, Ramadan (Ramranchadan), Thanksgiving (Spanksgiving), May Day (May Gay, an LGBT-themed communist event), and an unnamed Fourth of July event.

Art As A Feature

The full rDrama experience is built on user-submitted art in three primary categories. This section will address that content.

Marseys - Marsey is that adorable orange-and-white cat you have surely noticed all over the place by now. There are over 2,000 variants of Marsey in emoji form usable across the site, and countless hundreds of others in our banners and sidebar images. Artistically inclined users are strongly encouraged to create their own Marseys and submit them via the Marsey Submission Form with a name and tags (in order to be easily found when using the Emoji Picker). Marsey Artists get a profile badge for their first, tenth, and hundredth approved Marsey. Holigay-themed Marseys during their respective events also earn a unique badge for that event that year.

Banners - The long, horizontal image at the top of every page announcing where on the internet the viewer is: rDrama.net. Users are encouraged to create and submit their own banners by uploading them here. Note that banner artists receive a profile badge for their first approved banner, and rDrama routinely hosts events soliciting banners around particular themes in which users can earn a limited time badge and/or Marseybux payouts.

Sidebar - Each page also has a fun image in the sidebar. As with the above two items, sidebar images are user-generated and submit here. A successful sidebar submission earns the Sidebar Artist profile badge.


rDrama, while a self-proclaimed “fun speech” rather than “free speech” platform does seek to allow established members to express whatever legal opinions they desire. Upon reaching 100 truescore, /h/chudrama is accessible and can be added to a user's main feed and notifications via the Unblock button at the top of the page. In Chudrama, any opinion goes. The slur filter is disabled, the Chud Award and admin-imposed Chud status effect both do not apply and users cannot be labeled chuds via content in Chudrama. Viewer discretion is advised.


As with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, rDrama users have the chance to join one of four unique Houses. These are, in no particular order: Vampire, Furry, Racist, and Femboy. At the time of this writing, House functionality is fairly limited although there are plans to significantly expand it. Current features and a few upcoming ones are detailed below.

  • House Icon - Members of each House have a small icon beside their username indicating their allegiance. Founders of each House (i.e. all of the original members at inception) have the same icon but with a crown above it. Changing Houses removes the crown.

  • House-Specific Awards - Each House currently has access to one (1) award unique to that house which will cause a thematically appropriate status effect to the recipient for a period of time. More House-specific awards are planned, but ihatecodersihatecodersihatecodersihatecodersihatecoders development is on hold due to a temporary manpower shortage.

  • House Cup - Borrowing further from the Wizarding World, the rDrama Houses will soon be locked into a fierce competition for seasonal supremacy. Details to be announced as development time permits.

  • Sorting Ceremony - A Sorting Hat-style quiz is in the works for users upon account creation which will automatically sort them into the most fitting house.


rDrama has a native chat feature in development and currently in a usable, though user-neglected state. Chat is accessed via the chat icon (topnav on desktop, bottomnav on mobile), or by visiting https://rdrama.net/chat. Occasionally, during big real-world events such as sports championships and high profile court cases, chat will be converted into an Orgy in which the event in question is streamed and as users watch and comment together on events as they play out. Contrasted to regular chat, Orgies typically see triple-digit turnout. New features are in the works for chat as a whole, although at present, this requires a dev proficient in React, which rDrama lacks.


While rDrama is by no means a free speech platform, it does strive to eradicate the contemporary internet-wide problem of incompetent and abusive moderators.

  • Modlog - All moderator actions are logged and publicly visible to all members, accessible at https://rdrama.net/log. Users can sort by moderator, by action, and by action taken by a specific moderator. rDrama prides itself on holding unpaid internet janitors accountable for their actions.

  • Banned Users - A full list of banned users can also be accessed from that page, including username, date of ban, duration of ban, and the moderator responsible. Unban Awards from the shop lower the duration of both user- and moderator-imposed bans by 24 hours each.


A record of all historical posts in some of rDrama's subreddits pre-migration can be accessed at https://rdrama.net/archives. Currently, this consists of /r/drama, /r/deuxrama, /r/dosrama, /r/zweirama and /r/dtama along with the full logs of the 2021 NNN Reddit powermod Discord server that rDrama compromised and leaked. Additional subs can be added provided there is sufficient interest.


rDrama is free and open source and a staunch supporter of open source software in general. After being banned from GitHub, the repo was moved to rDrama's own Gitea instance at https://fsdfsd.net/rDrama/rDrama. Users are welcome and encouraged to submit their own changes and to peruse the source at their leisure.


It is recommended that users visit /h/changelog and press the bell button at the top to follow it, as substantial updates and changes are logged there for user visibility and as a means of soliciting feedback from the community.
As of 25 April 2023, changelog entries are now recorded in this thread, to which users can subscribe for realtime updates. Less substantial changes are logged here, contrasted to the former /h/changelog Hole in which only fairly large updates were posted.

Mass Casualty Event Events

rDrama leans heavily into coping with the incomprehensibly tragic absurdity of modernity by making sport of it whenever possible. Mass casualty events—typically spree shootings and their inevitable rapid politicization—are thus the subject of routine administrator-hosted betting threads as to the identity and/or motive of the perpetrator, allowing for users to profit from the tragedy while chronicling and later ridiculing the wild speculation across social media and the American news cycle in the immediate, chaotic aftermath of the event. The default template of options and a brief explanation of the rules can be accessed here, for reference.

This is to be considered a living document and will be added to and updated as needed.

v1.06 | documented the changelog restructuring, corrected event dates, updated Marseybux limitations to only be Grass Awards; minor formatting changes

https://i.rdrama.net/images/1707881499271494.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17101210991135056.webp

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Blackjack - Get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. Dealer stands on 17. This is not pure RNG; we use three decks and they are literally shuffled. It is not rigged and it does not learn from you. It is pure math.

Thanks, now I seem to actually be winning again

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