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Reminder: the health of this site depends on YOUR willingness to go to rightoid shitholes to find rightoid seethe to balance out all the leftoid seethe

Now that reddit and twitter have mostly totally banned rightoids from their platforms and the few rightoids left on either are on their best behavior at all times it's easy to post nothing but insane leftoid seethe, cope, and insanity, which is a trap that could lead users down a spiral of thinking only leftoids seethe and cope and from there into becoming an unironic rightoid agendaposter.

For the good of your fellow dramanauts, it's imperative that you go to the shitholes that rightoids have escaped to like patriots.win or gab or even poal and talk.lol to find the completely insane things nazis are saying right now.

I'm doing my part - are you?


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You need to rewrite the copypasta, rightoids are no longer banned on the bird app

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