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  • ACA : Google: how to p-dophiles multiply?

Oopsie whoopsie, someone did a little fricky wucky and admited to protecting a known p-do on their fediverse instance,

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For context, one of my favorite people on the fediverse who I don't understand at all is bot. She's active on currently (hosted by friend of the site & cat enjoyer @kroner), and is constantly getting into fights with lots of people about random issues; I enjoy these even without context because I'm a fan of incendiary rhetoric and bot is a world class shit talker who also seems to feel strongly about the things she choses to argue about.

If you don't take my word for it, here's a snapshot of recent box posts

You might have seen that and, two popular instances on the free speech zone of the fediverse got hacked recently. We had a small thread here that didn't get the attention it deserved but there's a lot of rightoid seethe going on. Reminder that is still the best instance that has all the marseys and has never been hacked; shout out @nekobit. If you remember the hack/leak, you'll know that private messages sent on the fediverse/Activity Pub are not end-to-end encrypted, so naturally lots of alt-tech wannabe e-celebs got their DMs leaked from this. For further context, graf is the admin/owner of who has recently feuded with Null and Crunklord420, over some dumb shit (watch MATI from 3 weeks ago if you want some context); he also defederated over a meme nose emoji that he called doxing his admin (his admin runs a lolicon posting instance and also had a falling out with graf, so the image isn't doxing anymore but is still blocked because he's a b-word)

So here's the meat. Box has been posting about s*x pests that use for well over a year at this point. As with many posts of someone claiming someone else on the internet is a s*x-pest, I was initially credulous, until this leak came out in which graf goes to bat for a guy who he says admitted to raping a minor to him directly. You could potentially get away with just staying silent on this issue, in my eyes, especially if you're wearing the mask of a free speech extremist alt-tech nerd, but graf is not that. He blocked initially from sending any information to his instance, and later blocked both sent and recieved information from our instance to his. He blocked under the pretense that allowed cp on its servers, despite the fact that the 3rd party instance he claimed was the source of this cp had the policy set against it on the server as it did on Null sperging on the graf question about a month ago here.

Onion link for anyone who wants to explore more because kiwi farms is powered by a cat on one of those big wheels where they can run if they feel like it

I have done my journ*listic duty and asked bot about this revelation, the response was incredibly keyed

TLDR: Graf is homosexual (bad kind). Bot @ is vindicated. I am always right about fediverse tyrants being r-slur neurodivergents. Crunklord420 keeps being based and Terrypilled.

@Aevann, IDK if this is enough of a rightoid exposΓ© to qualify for grant marseybux, but I love you

Someone remind me to pin award this in the morning so that people see this because I have to spend some marsey bux and also this is good drama. k thanks

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Not gonna lie, bit of a Daniel Stevens from Ontario moment :marseycringe2:

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