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  • NotBoo : hate speech: implies you could be a rightoid agendaposter and not get banned or agendathemed
  • JollyMoon : why did my reports get cleared :marseycry:
  • russy : Bruh how would we know :bruh:
  • Sneed : @aevann would you know why these reports were wiped?
  • ateu : agendapinning
  • oppie : I have a very SMALL peepee
  • platyposting : Incredibly homosexual
  • DickButtKiss : Rules are gay. I will unironically rightoid post whenever I want. Cute twink
  • JimJones : Take this BIPOC cute twink to the pound and have him put to sleep
  • GigaVaccinator : worst post in rdrama history

A short guide on how to get away with being a rightoid agendaposter on rdrama without getting banned or agendathemed

Recently I keep getting told how I used to be a rightoid agendaposter but I'm much better now that I've reformed and assimilated so I thought I would write a quick guide on how I managed to fool people and how you too can be a rightoid agendaposter without getting themed and banned and make your very own way to the near bottom of the rdrama leaderboard.

These all work because rdrama is a little leftist but mostly just doesn't want you to be incredibly boring

1. Be funny

Nobody wants to read seriousposting. Post shit that's going to be entertaining to people instead of just boringly shilling your worldview. Tell some kind of fricking joke somehow. Smile. Laugh.

2. Lie

If you try #1 but your idea of "funny" is "haha BIPOCs are stupid" because you sincerely believe BIPOCs are stupid it'll just come across as seriousposting. Instead pretend that BIPOCs are actually very smart well enough to make people laugh at the fact that you're really calling them stupid. If you want to post your own view exaggerate it or warp it somehow to make it a joke. Embrace irony.

3. Play characters

Feel free to be whoever makes a post work. Instead of writing "OMG these SJWs want to trans our children" write something like "I'm a bisexual trans woman and I want to trans some children", that's funnier.

4. Make fun of r-slurs on your own side

Nobody's side is perfect, you can take an occasional shot at embarrassing rightoids. Sure :!marseytrain:s are cartoonish but we can still laugh at the guy who literally wants to murder them. You have an advantage here since lots of leftoid dramautists can't tolerate .win sites long enough to find the good shit, but you can.

5. Unironically support the mayocide

The mayocide is not a joke.

6. Claim to be a Black transwoman as often as possible

This is like having a royal flush in poker, the mods aren't that leftist but they're leftist enough that if you even might be this they can literally never ban you.

So that's my quick handful of tips on this topic since literally nobody asked, I hope you don't enjoy this and every word makes you cringe to the point of feeling real pain. None of this will work if you're an r-slur, except #6.


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Why is this on the Frontpage? :marseysneed:

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@Aevann pinned it because he loves me <3


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