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:marseytrollcrazy: I HATE GIT :marseytrollcrazy: I HATE GIT :marseytrollcrazy: [ nerds :marseyakshually: debating me in comments ]

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>filtered by git

Maybe you should "transition" into business analyst or IT monkey sysadmin :marseyitsover:

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keep yourself safe

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webdev detected


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Islamic beard of the gnupedo, beanie hat of the soy, and foot on desk but without hrt is literally my lifegoal!

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Nope, try again

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Yikes 3 replies?

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yes b-word i'm mad

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What other DVC have you used? Which one do you prefer ? Unironically asking because I think git is comfier than the alternatives

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The definition of an IT monkey sysadmin is someone who thinks they're smart because they know how to use stupid makework software like git or linux desktop.

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BIPOC it's not that complicated

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It's more complicated than it needs to be.

for example, deleting commit history requires 6 command line instructions:


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:soycry: no not the heckin git commit history

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Deleting history is a rare (and bad) workflow. Its probably good that it requires 6 commands to prevent dumbasses from trying it when they shouldnt

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How does this have 700 stars? This has to be a joke

I agree that git is too complex but people unironically following these instructions makes me think we should stop giving away so many degrees

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Dude this is totally r-slurred. why would you use git if youre just going to delete all your history? Just dump it on a cloud or something lmao

There isnt a single command to do it because its anti-thetical to the purpose of git. But even then, the method is obvious to anyone who understand the git model instead of just memorizing commands like a woman.

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Why would you ever want to delete commit history? Just squash? It would be a r-slurred clusterfrick otherwise, considering how the git data structure works. And it makes sense for a version control system to not make it easy to frick with history anyways

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>I want to do X

>Why would you ever want to do X?


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>Has hammer

>Attempts to hammer screws

>Complain hammer is bad tool


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You should rope if you want to do X

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use a gui like a normal person

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a) I do, strags here are actually defending the cli version

b) the gui i use (sublime merge) doesn't solve this particular problem

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i dont get why you'd want to delete the entire history instead of just squashing with whatever commit you make next

getting real :marseytunaktunak: vibes

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Literally the only reason to ever delete commit history is because you accidentally left the word “BIPOC” in your commit message :capygitcommit:

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Git cli is easy lol

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I never claimed it was "hard". I claimed it is a waste of time

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being a well adjusted normal


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GUI just makes git worse, at least to me it's inherently not a visual tool

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why would you ever want to do that kek

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No there's nothing smart about git that's the point 🤣

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I agree

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Or a girl

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hcaw said sysadmin already

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Solves all your problems tbh

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It's more complicated than it needs to be. Therefore it's bad.

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