Colorado shooter never stood a chance at being normal.

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Loool iconic ep. frick season 1 to 8 were good.

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season 6 best season for a reason! :smoke:

this one, bart breaks his leg, itchy n scratchy land, shining and time machine tree house of horror, homer gropes a hot co-ed, grandpa makes a intercourse drink, stone cutters, bart v australia, teachers go on strike and random towns people become teachers, those dirty shelbyvillians steal the lemon tree....GOD WHAT A SEASON.

i know i just listed off nearly every episode but it's all so frickin good.

i watch and rewatch those first 10(ish) seasons of simpsons far more than any one person should...

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What a tremendous lineup. Those seasons had so much heart and soul. Wasn't pointless antics for the sake of it. I do the same thing and Futurama as well.



Rewatching them is a painful reminder that -


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it was more grounded in reality in those days (in general...). lady gaga wasn't showing up to be lisa's best friend and they weren't COMPLETELY REWRITING THE HISTORY OF THE SIMPSONS (like having homer be the one who invented grunge music in the 90s before bart was born). celebrities would come on and be IN WORLD CHARACTERS AND NOT THEMSELVES. stories were (again, generally) about regular people stuff as opposed to ralph wiggum being a leading presidential candidate.

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