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:marseytrollcrazy: I HATE GIT :marseytrollcrazy: I HATE GIT :marseytrollcrazy: [ nerds :marseyakshually: debating me in comments ]

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I use tortoise git to put these very commands in the file explorer because I can't be assed to do it in shell


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Git is only usable with a gui.

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Normally I'd call you a filthy casual for needing a GUI for everything but yeah any version control, git or otherwise, sucks from command line.

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I'm glad I didn't get the useless kind of autism you have

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Your avatar says otherwise

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vscode has almost everything in the UI for git. even rebase etc. Undo last commit is probably a command I still can't remember but use it daily thanks to vscode

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I would rather cut my peepee off than install vscode on my pc.

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![](https://media.giphy.com/media/UkPqBz1MFRdBtXybRZ/giphy.webp) ![](https://media.giphy.com/media/7ILfGZFvTPMB1TAkXE/giphy.webp)

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What a specific brand of autism

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