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Wired Magazine Presents : J Slurs posting Ls, and a suspiciously high level skeleton.

I've seen a lot of people showing our resident journ*list @ZacJason some love recently, so now is a great time to talk about his lack of journalistic credentials (and skin).

All of this started because @Lv20_Skeleton decided to apply my first ever ban award to a really great post I wrote about never saying the N word. Not only did he ban my excellent post, he had the audacity to ban me TWICE. In response, I did what any self respecting Jslur would do when staring down a 48hr ban, and sperged out immediately - banning every post and comment I could find from this vile skeletoid. Eventually this totaled 12 bans. As many of our resident rightoids know, I am a FAIR and JUST janitor - so obviously I would never apply 12 days of ban without providing an alternative to freedom. My offer to boneman was a challenge to play manhunt.

Nobody ever takes me up on my offers to play this game, so I expected lazy attempts at sneaking through the new user list at best. @Lv20_Skeleton is not the average poster though so it should be obvious where this is going...

We were reading this JOslurs articles. Disgusting!

This went on for days, because we wanted to believe.

My Bussy [BLASTED]

Carp Bussy [BLASTED]

Zac Jason Bussy [BLASTED]

Respaaaj Bussy [BLASTED]

Idio3 Bussy [BLASTED]

FrozenChosen Gussy [BLASTED]

JimieWhales Xussy [NOT BLASTED]

Dahl_Fook Bussy [VERY BLASTED]


Quintuple Jslur bussy blasting simultaneously, right under our noses.

Let this @Lv20_Skeleton serve as an example for everyone that being banned is an opportunity to wear someone else's skin, an opportunity for greatness. I love the boneman and you should too.

We have one opening in our 12 person PPR league because @basad hasn't updated shit in 2 weeks. We are looking for a strong man to fill the role before Thursday Night Football at 7pm CDT today. Leave a comment if you want in. You get to mingle with power users, admins, and call LLM short. I will be in talks with @carpathianflorist to make some badges and reward for the league soon. Since @basad has a bunch of IR and OUT, I'll you can have free rein over over free agents until Sunday games start.

Edit: thanks for showing interest @KoreanDragKing took the spot. If more spots open up from people being lazy, i’ll dm people who commented here.

Edit edit: due to the amount of attention both fantasy football related posts got, next year I'll see if I can arrange a 16/32 team league.

:marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball:

:!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball:

what is this


dead website

dead website

Can we say "retard?"

dude retard lmao

site sucks

admin is gay loll

Where did all the links go?

They were here and now they're not here.

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Hey bros, been a long time. Which 🚂🚃🚃 made this bad ass site?

This is Unironically well done. I posted kvetching about Reddit being trash and to leave a month ago. Glad y’all did it finally. Now we can ridicule anyone and everyone

Good job to the autist who made this

Well done, xir. I like it.

For real though, you made the effort to do something while the rest of us just bitched about reddit. Good job. :-)

Having to comply with rules led to creativity?

What now?

Fugees IN IN IN!!!

I'm officially here to claim asylum and get my free copy of Dr. President Mrs. Momala Harris' excellent book.


I miss the old arr drama


Are there any rules besides no CP?



Dude Bussy Lamo

haha boipussy

Nice black purple reddit.

Bussy lmao

asking chadmins
  1. Is API endpoint available?

  2. Is API ruqqus compatible?

  3. Will fork be private forever?

  4. There are almost no margins, add some to make widescreen browsing better(?)

  5. Example of poor layout - "create a post" buttons(cancel and post) that are located somewhere in ass instead of being straight underneath everything else, constrained horizontally same without own frame\limiter.

  6. As of now color modes are quite harsh, make them softer(?)

Goodbye Ruqqus

I hardly knew ye

Haha 🏀 (n-word)

The taste of freedom


I come over here expecting links back to reddit and there's exactly one and only to drama? What restrictions is this site even bypassing if it's just gonna be shitty screencaps here too?

Hi I’m trans

Thank you for making this trans inclusive 🥰

Aevann, please come back to Ruqqus

Fuck the haters, man, come back to ruqqus

Judea will win 💪🏿✡️