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Moids are disgusting. Anyone swiping right on more than 40% of women should unironically be banned from tinder

:#marseypuke: :#marseybeansick:

No, men rate women on a bellcurve which is reasonable ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/665728230300450859/990387401039945800/main-qimg-f23be9e6b8578d8607b2ebb6ae891a1b-lq.jpg)

Women's hypergamy in this time period is unchecked and they deserve a reality check

so jealous bb 💁🏾‍♀️ be charming or rich nigga


wtf does charming mean?

oh sweaty :@retard_masturbatorpat: I hope ur rich bb


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what do you mean?

sweetheart 😭😭


asking women to explain their comments is against women's agency and is incel behavior :marseycry: sweatie

lmfaooo charm is ineffable my paltry vocab can’t describe it darlin but I know it when it’s there 🤷🏾‍♀️


Just tell her she has a fat black ass and that you want it in your face

It never even started for autistcels :marseycry::marseycheerup:

Or just go outside lmao


basically the biggest cope of the year now as everyone in incel and even pickup circles talks about how theyll be labeled sex pests and have cops called on them for doing so

But men will swipe right on that entire bell curve which is disgusting and immoral. Fats and uggos don’t deserve attention

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What a disgusting, judgemental thing to say. Do you think only thin, conventionally attractive people deserve attention? That's shallow and sad.

….u type weird bb no offense


Weird how? Because I use proper grammar and don't look like I just rolled out of bed? Or because I have an actual brain?

….ye prolly the grammer part for me tbf…idefk it’s just kinda like stilted I think the word is no offense tho bb…I dress nicely tho so like not the best insult


Your ugly af so who cares what you dress like. And your grammar is atrocious so please don't try to come for me.

oh ye I know it is lmfaooo dw bb wasnt coming for u just making a r-slurred observation


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Water room

:marseyrain: fiiiiine I’ll call it the ladies room 😤😤


Little girls room

You're a bladerunner!


Thank you :marseylove::marseysunflower:

Thank you for what? Your comment is completely meaningless.


Fats and uggos don’t deserve life either

No no just the top 64%. So men are happy to fuck slightly below average women, completely mathematically reasonable.

Lol I remember when okcupid had to delete this post after a giant femtard sperg out. The alarming thing about incels is basically all of the direct claims they make about dating are well supported.

They just draw the wrong conclusions and let hatred consume them.

This just shows most men are ugly.. Which I already knew lol

not womens fault that scrote-dom has fat tails

moids are so disgusting that foids only click on 4% of them lmao

They should compare gay men swipe rates to figure out if that is true or if foids are just uppity

well gays are superior, so I wouldnt expect to see this on a site with only cute twinks.

Gays will fuck anything with a pulse because they are degenerate scrotes