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An Australian state will introduce laws to ban the use of encrypted devices :marseyobey:



The NSW government will introduce laws to confiscate unexplained wealth from criminal gangs and ban the use of encrypted devices as part of long-waited reforms to combat money laundering and organised crime.

A snap cabinet meeting late on Wednesday night agreed to the new measures, designed to cripple the finances of crime networks, stopping criminals from profiting from their actions and incapacitating them financially.

The new powers allow for the confiscation of unlawfully acquired assets of major convicted drug traffickers and expand powers to stop and search for unexplained wealth.

Senior ministers have been working on new laws to deal with proceeds of crime and unexplained wealth since last year, when secret briefings from top-ranking police warned that organised crime in NSW was out of control.

Police Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith warned cabinet ministers and senior public servants in December that organised crime was rampant and anti-organised crime laws in NSW were abysmal.

Days after that briefing, Premier Dominic Perrottet was also provided with the same damning update from Smith, a senior government source with knowledge of the conversations has confirmed.

That month, Attorney-General Mark Speakman and then police minister David Elliott began working on laws to tackle unexplained wealth. The work has continued under new Police Minister Paul Toole.

Perrottet said the new powers would help police infiltrate criminal networks.

“Organised crime is all about drug supply and money – and to truly shut it down we need to shut down the flow of dollars that fuels it,” Perrottet said.

“These reforms will better arm law enforcement agencies with the powers they need to confiscate unexplained wealth and create new offences and tougher penalties for those seeking to launder money derived from criminal activity.

“Organised crime and the technologies that criminals use are always changing and evolving, and these reforms will put our state in the strongest position to deal with these insidious crimes.”

Deputy Premier and Police Minister Paul Toole “organised crime in this state is on notice”.

“If you think you can hide the ill-gotten gains of crime, you are wrong. If you think you can avoid detection by using encrypted devices, you are wrong,” Toole said.

“We know these encrypted devices are being used to plan serious crimes like drugs and firearms smuggling, money laundering and even murder.

“These reforms will make it an offence to possess these kinds of devices and allow us to better target high-risk individuals from using them to orchestrate crime.”

Legislation will be introduced when parliament returns for the spring session.


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designed to cripple the finances of crime network


Thats a side effect/perk at best

:marseybooba: :marseycoin:

God I hope Aus breaks down into civil war.

day of the prison riot when


They're a nation of pussies. This will never happen.

Maybe the bikers will break off and form their own nation state

Literally no chance, best possibility is china annexes them and turns them into New South Taiwan

Even better.

literally 0% chance

Isn't basically everything including servers encrypted. That seems really dumb.

yeah literally every smartphone has been encrypted by default for years, you can't even disable the encryption

Which makes every citizen with a smartphone a criminal, the plan is working. It’s already 2 years jail for not giving the rozzers your passcode, this is just an extension.

yeah that's what I was wondering, this is so r-slurredly vague but that's probably the point I guess

god the glowies here are so fucking greedy





NSW already got rid of the right to silence a few years back, banning encryption is another good step we can take to rid the world of chuds


australians are just worse brits

They both hit rock bottom and have been seeing who can dig faster for years

I always love to have the conversation with people that real life isn't like NCIS and that encryption is guaranteed by mathematics and that actually breaking AES256 would take more energy than the sun will ever produce and there's nothing they can do about it. Copcels cope.


They don't need to break your encryption, they can just assume whatever is encrypted is illegal and lock you in solitary until you unlock the device.

New powers given to Australian eSafety Commissioner, police can now cut off your face and wear it like a mask if suspected of shidposting on the internet.

“Why should you be able to hide your data” - avg karen

I hope sexy Indian dudes just start going after aussies instead of everyone else

Easy pickings, not sure why they wouldnt

>Organised crime and the technologies that criminals use are always changing and evolving,

they say this and still ban the tech, do these r-slurs not understand they'll find a new way? Of course its a smoke screen but people have to be really r-slurred to think this is actually the reason

Does the nsw government even know how computers work?

Do you think they'd care if they did?

Firearms smuggling?

I thought Kangaroo Island never had mass shooting and thats why it's racially superior to burgerland

Let’s do a rundown of all the tech laws Australia has introduced in the past few years:

• Introduction of a whole government department to protect hurt feelings on the internet

• 2 years jail for not giving the cops your passwords

• Feds can hack into your socials and pretend to be you

• Feds can modify or delete anything on your devices, don’t even need to be suspected of a crime

• Feds can add any material they wish to your devices ie. child porn

• Literally banned anything with encryption on it

What am I missing?

if Id be an aussie and the Chinese march in - id cheer to my new found freedumbz