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Seems like there might be more based posters in that sub than I thought.

Nice talk, teach. I'll opt out now and leave it for SOMEONE else to learn.

I guess it sounded really good in OP's head.

You were opted out when your mom chose her mate, but this is a government daycare and mommy needs her alone time.

Anything that's worth learning through highschool can be picked up on pretty quick for anyone that gives a shit and is at least a bit intelligent as an adult. School is for developing social skills and work effort. The real answer is because we need to keep you busy.

Pretty based. I still remember teachers lighting up stupid kids, many who have now died of heroin overdoses

It's an old joke but a good one

You're 25. You're not old enough to make a god damn educated decision about Time Cube. If you're dumb, stupid and evil, you can learn from the lessons of Nature rather than accept deadly math:

1- Cubic Time is above 4e math.

2- Time Cube is the same everywhere. Same for

3- Time Cube is Omnificence (no God). Cubic math is proof.

Educated adults of Earth have no choice but to accept the truth of Time Cube.