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Update: Marsey definetly wasnt prepared for this.

Awww T_T

She's all tuckered out from RPG direct hits.


I think the armor works better if you sit inside the vehicle

It's because the armor on the bottom wasn't strong enough to stop land mines. G.I.s (go home) did the same thing in 'Nam. It's the slightly safer option.


Then you'd just be cooked alive when it's hit by an RPG

You'd think so, but the armor they had was so shit that you were better off riding on top and just bailing the moment the fighting start, rather than being trapped in a tin can on wheels with a bunch of other people who have to get out before you can

Don't worry Marsey, I won't tell mom that you're in Chechnya :marseycry:

Noooo you can't just position yourselves up in high rise buildings outside the elevation angle of our tank guns, that's cheating! :marseyrage: :marseyrage:

Make sure to use the radio to keep in touch with friendly units marsey!


No, not the Ministry of Communications building! Get out of there!


:marseycomrade: Za rodinu! :marseycomrade:

Please get vaccinated.

Marsey is so cute

You're hurting me baby

That entire subreddit is a cesspool. It's like a sewer that empties directly into a stagnant pond.


Batyana Kombat Marsey