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Baby Capybara

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Capybaras are very cute IRL

I accidentally startled the last one I saw :marseydepressed:

They stink though and they’re bristly like hogs. People also eat them in South America.


They stink though

They're giant rats that swim in rivers, this isn't very surprising :marseymouse:

People also eat them in South America.

Do we? Now I'm offended nobody ever offered me some churrasco de capivara.

They're considered fish for the purposes of lent by the catholic church, because they have webbed feet, and taste like fish.

Early French Canadian settlers pulled the same scam on the church with beavers. You can eat beaver on Fridays and lent because they're fish.

Having a rule based on nothing but faith, then going through the effort to come up with obtuse loopholes.

It's the most Catholic thing I've ever heard in my life.

Trust me, you've seen nothing yet. Just go and have a look at how many such loopholes exist in Judaism.

After learning about the intensity of Talmudic debate, it's no wonder the funny hat people make such good lawyers :marseymerchant:

It really is. "This has an specific spiritual purpose that this obviously violates. However, religion is obviously about the letter of law, not the spirit, so I'll pretend this is different."

Just one example of how jews excel at trickery.

Heckin' little Rattata :soyjak:

Don't shoot it, scumbag!


It's not a doggo

I'd never :marseygasp:

GOOD post.


I used to work at an abortion clinic and I saw some extremely fucked up shit there which is why I'm so anti-abortion now. This is just SOME of the horrible stuff I personally witnessed:

• ⁠A 23 year old woman came in 11 months into her pregnancy and said "I don't want my stupid baby anymore, kill it" and the doctor said "okay" and he put jumper cables up her baby hole and connected them to a car battery and let it run for six days straight

• ⁠A little 8-year old girl wandered in and said "I want an abortion but I am not pregnant" and the doctor said "we'll fix that" and he stole a baby and cut the girl open and put the baby inside her and sewed her shut and then woke the girl up and said "congratulations it's a healthy six year old boy" and the girl said "can I keep him" and the doctor said no and then backed over her in the parking lot with his brand new Ford Raptor

• ⁠They made me sign an agreement promising to stop drinking from the medical waste container (I signed somebody else's name) • ⁠One of the doctors there developed a futuristic ray gun that could make anything he shot have an abortion, even trees, cars, or barns

• ⁠The receptionist threw nail polish at an elderly man

• ⁠The doctor's assistant invented this thing she called "the silly slide" and it was a really fun little water slide that connected a woman's vagina to a paper shredder so a newborn baby could briefly "enjoy the high life"

• ⁠The oldest child we aborted was in his late 70s, we didn't even know he was a baby until his wife brought in photos

• ⁠The doctors put all sorts of crap up a woman's uterus including a clown nose, bicycle handlebars, a calendar, and an entire Sears retail outlet (before bankruptcy)

• ⁠During every successful abortion, the doctor would shout "take that, baby" and he'd push a red button that made sirens go off and confetti fell from the ceiling and we'd all get Del Taco for free


⁠>They made me sign an agreement promising to stop drinking from the medical waste container (I signed somebody else's name)


Cool story bro

Hi lil guy!


It's cute, but it is no quokka.

Cute and valid. What do you think, @Marmot ?

Cute. Very valid. I approve.

cute, but i heard they smell really bad

Idk what to tell ya. Rodents are musky.

Yeah these rodents hang out in the water so it's worse

You would be hanging out in the water if you lived in Brazil too!

Though I'd advise against it- Rainforests are a death trap.

my nose isn't particularly good but i never had a problem with their smell

Thank bussy we've moved past the platypus phase to the capybara phase of our autardation.

I live in Australia. I can get attacked by a platypus any time I go bush. But capybaras are always a joy to see. They're so chill. Is there footage of a capybara ever doing anything more aggressive than farting at another animal?

I can't believe those majestic beasts are in any way related to third retardedest animal ever: the Guinea pig.

Is there footage of a capybara ever doing anything more aggressive than farting at another animal?

They're still territorial wild rodents, with extremely sharp, 4 inch long teeth.

This is hateful phobic misinformation.

Wait, are platys aggressive? They are like the size of a boot.

They have venomous spurs in their back legs. And they're grumpy little fucks who are no fans of anyone sharing the water, or land, with them


You deserve it you cute twink

Me when the


THIS is quality content.

Cool rat.

It's so heckin cute, guys!

:marseypoggers: :marseypoggers: :marseypoggers:

OH MY GOH A CAPYBARA HECKIN WHOLESOME COCUNUT DOGGO ANTI CAPITALIST DOGGO WAOW ZZZZZZZERRRRRRRRRs! :soyjackwow: :soyjackwow: :soyjackwow: :soyjakfront: :soyjakfront: :soyjakfront: :soyjakfront: :soyjakyell: :soyjakmaga: :zoomer: :zoomersoy: :monke:

thats very cute, it has a very oversized head

Never seen a baby one before. Adorable

Perfect for the mallet

Trans lives matter

The above statement is not true

Hecking cute!


This isn't drama I'm literally seething rn :angry: :angry: :angry:

Kill it with fire