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Ha! Good one, Aevy.

thank you!

My first genie wish is to resurrect Gandolfini and have them make a 2020s Sopranos

>Paulie finds /pol/ and starts questioning the Holocaust

AJ finds Twitter, instantly becomes some stupid neogender like demibinary or circumgender, constantly whines about it, and eventually 41%s.

Sharp as a fuckin cue ball this guy

Fuckin slander, ask me

We all know how you grease the union

I'm actually in the Vito arc rn lol. Bussy supremacy is timeless

Has literally been me for the past month

I'm speaking in Sopranos quotes daily

That is the most fucked up picture I've seen today and I clicked on the penectomy pic in another thread.

It looks like a sci-fo novel cover and I unironically want to read it

I just binged watched it for the first time. It was funny af. My wife kept nagging me "oh you're still watching your soupranos show?"

I tell her "it's called Sopranos, you dumb. and don't nag me about watching shows. you should be grateful that I am watching tv instead of getting busy with a goomar."

Lol ya every time I rewatch I end up emulating Tony’s speech patterns for weeks after.

god, i miss mad tv.

Oh madonne! Did you hear Jimmy Peeps boosted that cargo container of the good Mozzo-dell?! The good stuff, from Italy?!

Gandolfini died from eating too much gabagool at once

He dun gaba'd his last gool

I have no idea what this means but upvoted because @Aevann deserves love and affection for dealing with this autastic IRC dating homeowners association.


You'll suck our cocks???

Many Saints of Newark next week.

Reminder that Aevann is a ditsoon. A charcoal briquette. A mulignan.

Hasidic Homeboy?

I've never watched the Sopranos, does Tony eat a lot of Gabagool in it?

The best television show ever and half the show is Tony eating cold cuts while breathing heavily.

You make a compelling case

what is gabagool

Fine New Jersey cuisine

that prequel movie is coming out...sometime. it's gonna be great.

Yes Minecraft is symbolic in many ways with The book of Revelation in the Bible and is preparing Us for the End-times war. Whether you want to believe it or not the facts are undeniable and the similarities are tantamount to the fact this game was divinely created through the hand spiritually. The Creator of this game goes by the name of Notch and in Jewish Gematria that equals = 201 and Roman in Jewish Gematria also equals = 201 same goes for with Apollo and what does that mean, you tell me.