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Thanks for making a stand to protect womxn ✊🏿

People of vagina*

People of cervix.

Neovaginas are real vaginas, chud!

if a woman has a choice to abort a baby, then a man has a choice whether to pay for that baby.

this is true gender equality.

No one wants their tax dollars going towards literal bastards CMV

Putting alimony evaders with domestic abusers lmfao. Not paying a foid is like violence to them.

Edit: I'm a r-slur.

^ this man is a certifiable dumb dumb

Oh fuck yeah I am. I thought this was ahs. I shouldn't skim while doing shit. Downvote me king

We all fall, king, it’s about how we get back up

Like Bardfinn ascending from moidness and wife beating to become the most powerful and influential janny to ever do it


Ruggustards OUT

If you're referencing ruqqus I'm ngl I don't even know what it really is I just upvote people who make jokes about it and hope I'm never asked.

lol I love that this sub makes AHS so mad. It's well done too.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

They keep calling the sub anti-black, transphobic, misogynistic and yet they never talk about the numerous calls to kill all white cis men on ahc.

Maybe for that they actually think it's just a joke πŸ€”


I would love to live in Japan. My husband would love to live in Japan. Unfortunately it is a bureaucratic hellscape where you can't even start a company without the permission of a specific high-ranking government official and changing your visa.

Maybe I am just a dumb American, but you'd think Japan would love to see foreign entrepreneurs starting companies just like basically every other country does.

  1. Husband speaks Japanese and likes Japanese culture (he does genuinely speak Japanese, not just like kawaii desu anime Japanese).
  2. I want to live in that area of the world (south-east-ish Asia).
  3. Japan seems cool and it's a compromise.
  4. US is backsliding into authoritarianism
  5. Have a higher-ed degree that a competent authoritarian gov't would target
  6. Both of us are transgender & bi

I don't really have much family since my family, besides my siblings, have basically disowned me and I haven't seen them in ~a decade. My husband has a bigger family that are super welcoming and we'd miss.

It isn't so much a dream as it is survival. I am sure they'll be people saying we are being overly dramatic with making plans to flee the country, but I'd much rather be overly cautious than end up dead, in a camp or having to file for emergency refugee status. Trump losing bought us at least 2 - 4 years. It isn't that I hate America, it's that America seems to hate everyone like me.