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if i see another boring sex worker reddit post posted here i will kill myself

i couldnt give less of a shit + its not drama

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:marseyxd: Whores in this house :marseyxd:

:marseyxd: There's some whores in this house :marseyxd:

:marseyxd: There's some whores in this house :marseyxd:

:marseyxd: There's some whores in this house :marseyxd:

Livestream it

You say that, but I've noticed you have not replied to any to of those threads and told the op to kill themselves or called them slurs. Do you expect us to it for you?

yes please

Pussy devalues over time, he should be getting a discount.

Great point.

My god I just checked your post history. There is no shaming you. This is literally your life. Just imagine how much you could accomplish if you weren’t addicted to Reddit. You’re making a difference, though!


:marseyrage: :marseyjones: :marseysoypoint:


Those posts are definitely way less frequent than when dramanauts first started posting about that sub.

Omg whores I’m so mad reeeeee

Time to turn the site into a feed about sex workers reeeeeee

Why aren’t you seething YOU SHOULD BE SEETHING WITH ME

Just a reminder there is a "get this person help" on everyone's profile that spams the user with suicide tips or something

No don't kill urself ur so cute ahaha