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This breaks my heart but it is the reality of many animals in impoverished areas.

Boy, do I have news about actual human beings living in impoverished areas. After all the pics and videos of literal newborns and toddlers living in filth, what did they think was happening to the cats and dogs?

Back when I lived in my native shithole, my parents would have whupped my ass for bringing home a badly injured puppy from the streets.

Redditors care more about animals than people.

Probably because they're autistic losers.

Oh my God people are literally NOOOOOO :soyjak: posting on that post. Better get him to the heckin veterino in whatever 3rd world city you live in OP.

Most of these people wouldn’t give a shit if it was a human. It’s gross.

Most humans are shit and gross

This can be read in 2 different ways, lol.

Americans have better healthcare for animals and illegals than humans LUL

该标志是一个微妙的笑话。这家商店被称为“Sneed's Feed & Seed”,其中的饲料和种子都以“-eed”结尾,因此与店主 Sneed 的名字押韵。标志上写着这家商店是“以前的查克”,这意味着以“F”和“S”开头的两个词会以“-uck”结尾,与“查克”押韵。所以,当 Chuck 拥有这家商店时,它会被称为“Chuck's Fuck and Suck”。


For everyone conderned, there are no vets. Two guys came and gave him injections and they also said it's fine that he's doing that, he's internally injurged and is going to cough out all the blood.

He's stomach is bloated (indicating it's healing) Plus the the driver didn't even care, he got out to see what the sound was and drove off after seeing he ran over a puppy.

And don't worry you guys have no idea the kind of life that's ahead of em, this is the peak of affection they'll even get in this struggling lifetime..,


:soyjackwow: :soyjackwow: NNOOOOO NOT THE HECKIN PUPPERINO

Its just natural selection bro. Why is he being anti-science?