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How the fuck do those online car buying websites work?

Seriously, I need your help. I'm trying to find a very specific (not super rare or expensive) car online and I just can't. Is there some secret to buying cars that I'm not aware of? I've been looking for this car online for over a month. I found one in California, and one in Florida, but I'm not willing to go that far for a car.

I know there's currently a car shortage, and this car in particular became popular in the last few years because of zoomer memes (That's not why I want it), but this is ridiculous.

At this point is my best bet just to drive to every dealership within 200 miles and hope I find it?

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At this point is my best bet just to drive to every dealership within 200 miles and hope I find it?

Pick up a goddamn phone you socially-anxious zoomer fuck and call them to ask.

I'm gonna be honest, I completely forgot about the fact that I can just call.

Good luck!



Found one on craigslist for a reasonable price. It's in Oregon.

The fucked up part is I'm actually considering it.

Check the undercarriage for salt damage. :marseyexcited:

First you have to tell us what the specific car is. Different cars hang out in different places.

You wouldn’t try to catch a gator with a mousetrap.


I swear I'm not a weeb. I've always loved the car, but the zoomer and weeb meme bullshit around it has nearly ruined it for me. Not to mention it's skyrocket in price.

Imagine paying a 10k weeb tax for an 80s economy shitbox

I've found multiple cars for reasonable prices in decent condition.

The issue is finding one near me, and getting one that isn't modded to shit by some wannabe street racer.

I just want a somewhat rare but inexpensive car to drive around. Though I'd be lying if I said that the insane demand doesn't make me more interested. Old Toyotas are good quality from what I've seen, as well.

You do you dude. What kind of prices are you looking at? Last time I checked in Europe they were going for more than 20k lol

Surprisingly there's a lot of variation.

Most I've seen are around 6k, but most of the listings are old or sketchy.

You can tell how insane the prices are getting in America, but luckily it's not nearly as bad as in Europe.

if you can get a drivable one for 6k you should go for it, it's not like they'll get any cheaper

Japanese cars are in general superior to any piece of crap produces by Americans or yuros. Good choice. I have a mazda and fucking love it and had a Honda before that.

I don't know shit about cars, but I can still tell that Toyota (80's Toyota in particular) makes good cars.

American cars in general almost feel cheap, and I don't know enough about Euro cars to give an opinion.

Toyota is probably the most reliable out of the whole lot. There is a reason every Uber is a corolla. Euro cars are generally better than American cars these days but pricier to maintain.

If you're gonna buy a showpony Jap car, why not get a kei Carlet instead of an overpriced corolla from the NTR cartoon.

Small car makes your dick look bigger.

Kei cars look like they'd crumple like a tin can if they so much as got rear-ended. I also really doubt I could fit in one of those, I'm not a little king.

The Kei trucks are cute, though.

they'd crumple like a tin can if they so much as got rear-ended

They do, anyone who drives one has a massive vaccination sized ballsack.


Do not pay thirteen-fifteen thousand dollars for an ancient rusting corolla.

If you want a cheapish death trap that is fun to ride around on, just buy a motorcycle. If you want to stay alive, get something more modern.

Either way there are tons of cars with identical handling/engine characteristics that you won't pay a 10,000$ weeb tax for.

Half the reason I want one so badly is because all the weebs want it.

I'm depriving them of it, and driving up the price by buying one. I can drive it for a while, let the price stack even higher, and sell it.

If you said GT86 I was going to make fun you, but AEs are actually pretty cool to see, especially in the US.

As far as how to find one. I recommend looking to AE86 forums, I’m sure some will have a listings section

If you wanna pretend you're in an anime just own it

There's literally no other reason to pay through the nose for an ancient Toyota

I compulsively post about any and all of my interests, if I watched anime you'd know.

I see them at carshows all the time, and they look cool. I like how the headlights flip up :marseyshrug:

Money isn't an issue for me. I figure that if I buy one now, prices will only ever go up. I can drive it around for a few years, keep it maintained, and then sell it for double what I paid to some rich weeb kid. Old Toyota Tacomas are quality, I don't see why their Corollas wouldn't be as well.

Hm fair enough. I think they look nice but I wouldn't pay that much for it.

If money wasn't an issue I'd probably get a first gen MR2. I like pop-up headlights too :marseyagree:

solid rear axle

80 whp on a good day at sea level

cardboard interior

wet noodle chassis

literally a corolla

made of recycled tin cans

Excellent choice, they are cute and I like them. Old Toyotas are great

Most dealerships already report to those sites anyways. If you can't find it on there you might be better off on craigslist


You may like gobbling up the same shit content, that doesn't mean the rest of us need to like your shit sandwich.