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G*me Company to G*mers: Y'/all Can't Behave....forever! Massive seethe in comments, dev post downvoted to -900 and counting.


Riot (League of Legends company) today out of nowhere announced that they'd be permanently removing /all chat from all League games. That's the chat where you can talk to the enemy team and is the only chat that isn't completely 100% comprised of your teammates calling you subhuman trash. And it was already disabled by default on new accounts.

dev post

The amount of rage is tremendous.

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Never played League of Legends, but I love that removing optional features is now considered to be potentially improving experience. Current year is absolutely astonishing.

This is a test. From what we've been seeing All chat's really heavy on negative interactions and doesn't have that much positive at this point unfortunately. Open to being wrong though if this doesn't actually lead to a better overall experience.

They'll judge the improvement of this experience by the decrease of number of pearl-clutchers' reports.

Wow, now that there's no /all chat, there are no negative reports about /all chat experiences! Job well done, team.

:marseyjanny: :marseyjanny: :marseyjanny:

This is why Dota will always be the superior game. I can call the enemy team BIPOCs and tell my team mates to kill themselves. Then feed mid and AFK in fountain.

Idk what any of that means :boomermonster: :boomermonster: :boomermonster:

Here you go gramps, I translated it to Proto-Indo-European for you.

"The above-referenced events merely reinforce my preference for the Defence of the Ancients ("DotA") series of video games, which, as I shall demonstrate, is superior to its competitor, the League of Legend series. In DotA, I am permitted to fraternize with opposing players and inform them that they are, in fact, swarthy gentlemen. I am also permitted to facetiously encourage my teammates to commit that most horrendous act, suicide, if their skills are not up to par. Furthermore, if my teammates do not accede to my demands regarding our respective positions in the video game match, I can give points to the opposing team by intentionally permitting them to kill my character. On occasion I also enjoy stepping away from the computer so that my formerly unappreciative teammates will suffer in my absence."

Thanks for the translation fren

Dota is a 30 year old boomer's game

that's why it's good :boomermonster:

i regularly tell my allies to uninstall dota and kill themselves, they tell me that my mother is a dog and hope i get gunned down in the street. 10k behaviour score never been in LP

and then in lel you get permabanned for a gg ez in all chat, truly pathetic

i regularly tell my allies to uninstall dota and kill themselves, they tell me that my mother is a dog and hope i get gunned down in the street.

wholesome 100

ASSFAGGOTS truly are the worse communities out of any game genre. Imagine playing that boring ass shit anyway.

only people who dont like dota are people who suck at it, seethe

It's a shit tier genre, cope zoomer.

Don't forget to feed couriers


Same for me. Some of my best friends as of today are people that were in the enemy team half a decade ago and that I added just because we had fun times in all chat.

Removing all chat is a good idea. #fuckautists

Based. Replace it with all positive emotes that everyone will use sarcastically and never unironically, like in Rocket League.

What a Save!

talking to strangers in videogames


talking to strangers on the internet

it's over

talking to people on rdrama

never even began



I was gonna start playing league again til I saw they auto filter the N slur now. Noped right out.

Gaming is basically dead.

I was gonna start playing league again


The man above me is a groomer.

Do you think this will lead to possibly fighting against china men on the other team?

They're already here.


what do you mean i can't insult argies for being starving poors anymore :marseycry:

The only way you can insult them in the first place is by playing the game? Are you sure you want to be a gamer?

The man above me is a groomer.

Copas-cels are the first to start trash talking, too.


World of Tanks removed all-chat years ago because people would call out where their last living teammates were to end the battle sooner. Which was actually pretty based because it was usually only artillery left to be found and artillery players are :marseygigaretard: and the class ruins the game

When did people start using ingame chat for anything? Back in my day we used 3rd party chat and we could say whatever we pleased

when you play with 9 other randos in pubs

If we just remove something people can’t complain about it

Genius really

My only problem with this is that g*mers simply aren't punished enough here.

The man above me is a groomer.

It's for one patch, apparently.

why are people acting like the game is entirely ruint because you can't talk to the other team

i don't understand

people are acting like the devs shut the game down completely...

If i cant flame the enemy for losing, why am i trying to win?

Unironically, flaming people is often more fun than the actual game. Haven't played League but I bet it sucks shit so it probably applies there too

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