The Next Evolution in Pibbles

What do you guys think? The real pibble in the bottom of the screen cowers in fear.

If these robot dogs had a nanny dog program installed, and were fitted with teeth/jaws of some sort, would a normal pibble be able to beat them?

How much damage do you think is needed to disable one? Would some buckshot at center mass do the trick? Can they be armored?

If the mind of a pibble is uploaded into one, is it still protected by animal cruelty laws?

These are the questions pibble hunters need to be asking as we enter a new era of technological development.

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Imagine mouting a cal 50 on them and dropping them on Palestine

Finally an equal match the stone throwing menace! Israel will be safe.


Long awaited reinforcements for harassing the Jews, inshallah.

We won't be hunting them, they will be us.

:marseydrone: :marseytrans: :marseyshooting:

These robodogs look very susceptible to rotator joint failure, and I doubt they're appreciably armored (for now). in their current state, I doubt they have redundant systems either. Buckshot should destroy enough cabling and deform the moving parts enough that they'd be immobile at a minimum. Give it a decade, and it'll probably be a different story.

I still think a pibble has an advantage at the moment. There's enough exposed parts that they can lovingly nanny apart to render it broken.

Why upload the mind when you can just scoop out a pibble brain and wire it into the robot through an artificial nervous system and have it sustained in a nutrient soup?

It doesn't matter if you can take one down with buckshot when the entire pack's going to head towards you after that and their reaction time and accuracy will be a hell of a lot better than yours

I mean...

Can't you just tip them over?

For now you can, just wait until they have guns and teeth.

They'll go back in time to nanny your child before it's born

This is just like that episode of black mirror :soyjakfront: :soyjakfront: :soyjakfront: :soyjakfront:

Completely diferent from all the children bush and obama drone striked

Black mirror is the worst thing to happen to science fiction since Harlon Ellison's death.

Holy shit lol

They are for the next insurrectionists, and will eliminate MAGA’s with extreme prejudice. Rule #1 of domestic warfare is to outsmart your opponent. With MAGA’s, that’s not very hard.

Sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Critical thinking people are RE-actionary towards aggression. I’ve never seen a party so intrenched in hatred at the reds. From condemning LQBTQ+, to suppressing CRT, to actually attempting a COUP because they lost. To denouncing pronouns

All while using said pronouns like”Y’all”. While condemning abortion, linchpin’ing the Bible for said condemnation, while never actually reading the Bible, which says if you follow the law, you must obey ALL 613 of the mosaic laws. But you still eat pork. Hypocritical bigots !

You still grow different crops next to one another. You still wear blended fabrics. You still work on the sabbath. You cherry pick scripture so as to beat up people with it, rather than just live and let live, as the Bible commands. The reds are the scourge of mankind.


I can't wait to see a pit attack one of these things and fuck itself up in the process

I was against these dog bots but seeing a pebbles next to them makes me want full adoption of the former. Getting an AvP feeling from all this.

I agree, but cope.