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Three teachers and principal to be fired because of “most annoying boy” trophy awarded to neurodivergent child : JusticeServed


Lol the comments are full of people confirming that otters are in fact massive pains in the ass

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What do hairy twinks have to do with this

We already have 2 threads on this so I'm just going to steal the top comment from the first one:

kids vote for an award

principal implements it

fire principal and two random teachers for having the audacity to include fun awards

Lmao get rekt teachoids, this is what you get for irl agendaposting

I don't know about the kid, but the mom looks like one of those annoying as fuck drama-llama girls from high school

My cousin is neurodivergent and he literally sexually assaults people on a regular basis and nobody cares to stop it because he's neurodivergent. He'll grab your genitals under your clothes and try to play with them. He's almost 30.

mod him

lmao I hope he has a good handler

Should carry around a spray bottle and spray him in the face like a cat when he does that shit. Maybe spice it up with some vinegar and get the eye.

we finally found based teachers

That family could not be more white trash if they tried

Giving out an award for negative behavior to an neurodivergent kid? And you’re confused about why this is bad?


No, I'm a citizen of the global south, and on behalf of everyone here, fuck America. We all support China here, because they help us economically, not invade our homes and kill our children.

Just because I'm a leftist doesn't mean everything the media tells you is true. There are literally wikileaks documents and youtube videos debunking the massacre of Tiananmen Square, and the US embassy in Beijing itself admitted there was no massacre, and everyone trying to prove this in the media gets killed by the CIA.