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This one is more polite

Btw are you japanese?


no i'm :marlion:

Idk what that means, korean? :marseyhmm:

hmm korean marsey is interesting :marseyhmm:

I for one enjoy @carpathianflorist life situation updates


I followed carp before he got the retards to do it, I dont mind him really

b-buh buh buh buhbuh but i need my internet meme friends to in-oh-so-many words agree with me about things i don't like


At least I kicked the j-slur hornets nest, Chapose. Now my phone is covered in spiders.

You're a good poster but the pursuit of Marsey-artist valor hath consumed thee.

Trans lives matter.



I've actually grown to like you.

Might be trans lives matter stockholm syndrome.

:marseyblowkiss: :marseylove: :marseytrans2: :marseyjanny:

  1. aevann

  2. quad

  3. carp

  4. idio3

  5. the_homocracy,

The rest can kick rocks :marseyjam:

In that case what are you doing in my thread?

Wheres dad

Dad is #1, which I guess pushes homocracy off the list. Sorry

@The_Homocracy you gonna stand for that?

With how bussy blasted he is, he is definitely not going to be standing for it.



I'm just playing, you know I love you :marseylove: :marseylove:

Agendapostertheme is a good thing cause it makes you think about trans folx all the time :marseytrans2:

lmao based

Thank @Dahl_Fook for it

Thanks sweetie. Turned out great

FACT: Where's da dramuh seethers are the worst posters here!


Drama? I thought this was a forum for train enthusiasts

its a forum for train-crashing enthusiasts!

(      "Drama?"      )

.                  V


Edit: Fuck it, best I can do.

you could have posted drama instead of another boring ass post you stupid dingus ass retard

Make me

This site is about drama?


dude bussy lmao


We truly need better content. Half of the shit I see on here has me asking myself what exactly is drama related about it.

Waah waah cry me a river bitch

You're the only one I see crying sweaty 💅🏿