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FDS are back :cryingatcuteness: and hire a new fds science article about that they should date man their age


40 year old 0NW, six packed, 6’+, stem maxed, simp dudes are standing on line to have a chance with a fds kwin :marseychad: :marseygigachad: :gigachad: :chadyes:

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I did my part :marseysalutearmy: but lol 170 votes for max 1 year difference. I am 25 and absolutely majority of woman my ago look like they went through vietnam and now coping with burgers. I would feel even worse than being inkwell dating such woman. I am in great shape I can pull up 15 times clean I run around 15km a week I can run easily 5 km in 25 min and people legit think I am younger even my friends that are younger than me think I am younger than them so my cute twink butt ain’t for 25+ kwins

You're absolutely correct, but I'm going to be an asshole. 5km in 25mins isn't that impressive. I did my last 5k in 19, and I'm a raging alcoholic, anabolic steroid abuser in my 30s and weigh 210 pounds (93 kg for you filthy foreigners) at 5'12" (1.83m, little king I know).

Just had to flex because I'm currently drinking liquor alone in my house on a Wednesday.

I know 25min ain’t impressive, I probably can better but I run before my main training (boxing) so I try not to kill my self since later if trainer decides it’s sparing time I probably will get serious injuries.

I was just being a dick, sounds like you're more fit than 95% of modern westerners. Do you do traditional gloves to gloves boxing or some kind of special school?

It’s mma gym with different teachers. But I am going exclusively to English Boxing lessons. Once wanted to go to bjj class but they legit spend multiple hours cuddling with their partner so kinda decided it’s not for me.

foid thinking femcels on that sub even have a choice as to who they date


One of them has eaten my bite https://imgur.com/a/qbepzxh and blackpilled a normie in the process

no such thing as femcel


maybe these hoes wouldn't need to worry about their hypothetical relationship's impact on their longevity if they just went to the gym.



i am average american man i enjoy bad game runescape