White Nationalist or angry Black woman?

A few days late, but it's good stuff.


based jogger threatens to beat up women who insult him.

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Tyronavirus :marseylaugh:

these sound like 60s era supervillain names

"this used to be such a nice neighborhood, what happened"

We got hit by the tyronavirus :marseyxd:

Before I saw some of the lipstickalley threads posted I would've said 100% rightoid but now I'm not sure

I kind of love this image. 2021 American politics wrapped up in a jpeg.

Black women are pretty much the only funny women. For all the straggot moids out there: black women (non-obese (hard to find)) are the best. Best sex, easiest to deal with, non-internet corrupted, most unconditionally loving women around.

Shit, get yourself an import. I still miss my refugee since she was legitimately racist and made me laugh every day.

Queen shit, I must say.

You can take your ban and bang yourself in the ass with it. Go ahead and pretend it's me tearing up your ugly starfish. Banning me is a chicken shit move. Enjoy life living in fear. I don't if I've ever made post in your sub. You people are a joke. I've already spanked a few of you and I didn't bother rubbing it in your faces because I'm a nice guy. My work is done on Reddit. I just got paid. No run along and dry each others tears. I've already won