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Foids like this showing jealousy is their natural state

She didn't go after him for 8 years, even when we were peak #MeToo and that curry comedian got cancelled for being bad in bed. She could have dropped this shit at any point, why wait till now? Because our Nip buddy finally hit it big, and this bitch wants to knock him down a peg.

How long the facts prove she's making this whole thing up?

Meanwhile Emma Stone insisted she flop her tiddy out for the movie the favorite and had to convince the director to let her.

nice. more women need to be proud and powerful and independant like emma stone.

I had to look it up. It was a decent titty

also looked it up. not bad.

i aint googling it give it to me pls

nice, thx

God bless.

The man above me is a groomer.

Meanwhile singer decides to wear outfit, people tell her to wear more clothes.



Whoever's braphog this is need to upgrade their pens immediately.

reminds me of this

The Mayans predicted fatphobia.

You'd think a successful :quote: musician :quote: (don't actually know who she is) could afford to hire some desperate loser to hold her boobs up for her :marseydead:

I know lizzo is apparently a wildly popular singer yet I don't know any lizzo fans and they don't play her music on my local pop stations.

Yeah, I've only heard the name from fat people calling her an inspiration lol

She can play like one ditty on the flute and she’s hailed as visionary lmao. the crazy HAES fatties used to love her but idfk something happened in fattyland I think and she got ragged

They sure do love to eat their own lmao

Wtf else they gonna do istg eating is all they know

Yeah but idk him..

i liked juice. i could enjoy that song before but shes so obnoxious i probably wouldnt be able to listen to it again of my own accord

See idk WTF you're talking about. So I guess I "know" a lizzo fan now.

She was fun before she got big, I saw her in a club of 200 people and she moved a lot for a fat woman. But then she got big and thirsty and started hitting on all the men around her and it got weird. Fat women, jus like fat men, should be spectacles, not sexual creatures.

Now I "know" 2 lizzo fans

You can put that on your resume.


:boomermonster: :boomermonster: :boomermonster:

Aren't you mid 40s? You must have done pretty good for yourself. Either that or disability. What's your secret?

that was her first big single if im right. it was always kinda cringe tho how the music video had her interacting with ripped dudes

With her that's a 4 man job (must include generous leave and physio options).


nipples protruding before Congress

Very very disrespectful!

Lizzo put on an eye-popping display

You’re damn right I wanna pop my eyes after being subjected to that. :marseysick:

How do we achieve the mayocide? Through jihad.

Put a trigger warning on this please

Fire your entourage.

If they're not gonna help you to not be such a fat bitch at least they can help you to not embarrass yourself in public with that outfit

Whales on occasion have been known to get trapped in fish nets.

lmao the audacity of this ho

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

Looks like an older Jennifer Anniston

I hate that ugly bitch sm omfg

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

:pat: fuck that ho for whatever it is she did

ugly bitch

He told ya what she did.

I need a brain transplant

I'm a ruralcel. I might be able to find a possum that's brain is small enough to fit. I mean it might have to be a baby one but still.

It would be a welcome upgrade



Jennifer MANiston

:marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage:

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

I see 👀 in that case I hope she gets hit by a bus


:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

And you would make that bus a very lucky lady I bet

It would just be to spite maniston

Once she’s gone I’d kick the nasty ass bus to the curb

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

pwned lol


This is a gay safe space bigot.

Anyone can be a lady, chud

That is Jennifer Aniniston.

Good for him for refusing to compromise his creative vision in the face of meaningless woman-whining, this attitude is probably why he was able to make the second good Craig Bond movie.



Skyfall? No idea who directed that but it and Casino Royale were the decent ones.

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

Skyfall was great if you want a movie where Bond is a fuckup r-slur who loses and fails, which I guess is probably some meaningful percent of the audience.



I liked that M died. It was very unexpected and I love Judy Dench and I felt they sent her M off well.

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

It's r-slurred when the villain's only goal is killing M and he successfully does that.

Then Bond shoots him but it doesn't matter because he was literally suicidal and going to shoot himself.

They should have had Judi DeMch go out saving the world from a bad dude or at least accomplishing any goal beyond her death, not getting hunted by an angry psycho and gunned down like a dog.

EDIT: Skyfall was by far the prettiest Craig movie, which I think is mostly why people love it, but the whole plot massively triggers my autism.



James Bond is capeshit for Bongophiles.

James Bond is a fantasy projection that allows Bongoids to think they could have sex with women above a 2/10 if they temporarily ceased being poor, lazy, and provincial long enough to leave their tiny island in the North Sea.

I think that part was fine, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having the bad guy win once in a while, especially since (unlike in Marvel) it actually sticks.

What was dumber is that the bad guy was prescient to the point who that he could do things like plan exactly where to plant explosives to hit Bond with a subway presumably days later.

I think I give the edge to Quantum just because it had that one frog actress who shows her tits in every other movie.

was it actually good

I liked it, although my judgment could be skewed from the fact that there hasn't been a non-awful Bond movie since Royale.



what didnt u like about skyfall

Bond loses.



i thought you were going to say something more substantial like how on the nose and inappropriate the meta storytelling elements are

I feel like all of that is summed up adequately by "Bond loses."

It's not a Bond movie as much as a deconstruction of Bond movies, which isn't what I want when I go to see a Bond movie.

Somewhere there's a guy who loves it for all the reasons I hate it, but I'm not that guy.



see i feel like i dont mind if they deconstructed Bond movies because Goldeneye is fantastic, but Skyfall I think is too reliant on it being a metaphor for the series having to get its groove back. With Goldeneye the deconstruction is in pointing out the character's flaws and the flaws in the government he works for, which the movie itself sets up so you understand. with skyfall you need to not only be familiar with Bond movies but catch what it's trying to do to like it

See, I don't mind that Goldeneye is a deconstruction because in that movie Bond kicks ass and wins.

In Skyfall Bond gets shot, fucks up a lot and then loses, that's not what I want to see regardless of the reason for it.



yea but bond literally dies in the newest one. how is that different

the only bond movie that i watched completely from start to finish was the most recent one-no time to die

are they all this shite?

Casino Royale (the first one with Craig) is good.

Your character is a stripper, so you have to...

I was assured this was a tasteful portrayal of a professional naked dancer.


:marseyprisma: :marseyfans: :marseyprisma:

It’s those kinds of attitudes of “oh it’s not a big deal” when there’s a very clear power imbalance that lead to sexual harassment and worse.

Its because of Power Imbalance :marseysoypoint:

I'm not even sure what your point is. Yeah I'd rather sleep with a dakimakura of my waifu Renge-chan than with some random 3D slut but that doesn't mean I'm desperate, it's the opposite, it implies that I have standards