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2 years ago Trappy banned me for dogposting. Today, I repost the same gif and it is a sticky.
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Literally call your ISP and ask them to disconnect your internet, r-slur cute twink. You're nothing but a shallow, fragile, inbred, BIPOC, communist, ass pirate. You enjoy sexual stimulation via rectal penetration. You belong in a zoo. You fantasise over the day a gorilla will rape you. Why don't you provide anything of value to anyone around you? It's because your hands are black, negroid.

I missed cool Snappy 😊

dogposting is based and cutepilled

Where even is Trappy. Someone hit me with the untold Trappy saga.

Tardfinn went full jealous hun on a transgirl who passed and reported her for saying something like "what?" (something like that) in response to his obsession with her. It was r-slurred but admins banned her. She came around to discord not too long after but the original discord server is dead so idk if she's been back.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

trappy has been gone a while, off discord and reddit inshallah

2 years of homosexuality, you love to see it!

It’s been a lot more than that.




One day our goddess will return, mark my works dramanaughts. Then she will punish all dogposting and SRDines