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Reminder that Travis Scott killed more people than January 6th.

Also this parade thing with the SUV of peace killed just as many as Jan 6, but injured a whole lot more.

Only one person actually died due to Jan 6 riot: The foid that got shot. The rest were 2 heart attacks (1 happened before the breach, and one happened way after), and the last one was a foid that ODed on meth. As it turns out, diehard Trump supporters are overly fat and/or meth addicts, that can't stand a single day of physical activity, without a few of them collapsing.

I remember reading one of them had died from repeatedly tazing himself in the balls and suffering a heart attack. Unfortunately proven false but what a way to go lmao.

More people were shot at screenings of Frozen 2 than Joker


Who is Travis Scott?

Yes and yesterday AOC said the GOP was going to kill democracy by... winning elections lol. r/politics is just a containment sub for the mentally ill at this point. Also

author of article: Max Boot

Beyond parody

Neocon holds levers of power in GOP commentariat for ~10-30 years, finds out that their ideas suck so much ass that the voters choose Daddy, cope so hard that they change party allegiance rather than admit any fault.

I say this without irony, Many Such Cases!

give link to aoc comment pls friend

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I don’t want to feign hope, but I do wonder if they took into account that their population losses due to Covid when redrawing maps. With, unfortunately, even more to go since many of their voters are the ones refusing to abide by any public health measure.

Sucks that losing 3/4 million people with more to go gives me a little glimmer of hope for the political survival of the country, but that’s where things are at now.


Can someone womansplain the end of democracy to me.

When my preferred candidate loses

"Democracy failing is when they dont vote for me."

As close as I can get

And bots. So many goddamn bots.

I guess lefty riots don't count

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Its more than in America its world wide. Look at the riots around the world and how conservative, anti-vaccine and anti-government now go hand in hand.

Not the heckin anti-government people!

conservative, anti-vaccine and anti-government now go hand in hand

That doesn't count!!!!!!! That was the voice of the oppressed!!!! LOL. The MSM is sooo full of shit.

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Could populist anger at the failings of the rich/cultural elite be justified? No, it's downscale whites who are the problem.