Beep beep. Beep beep.

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This would be 100% based if it were regular bikes instead of electric ones.

No stop we might accidentally solve the obesity epidemic

Jk lol delivery services will still exist

Beep Beep. Pizza's here!

Beeep. Beep. Beeeeeep.

God fucking forbid an ameriburger break a sweat to get anywhere

Based and Nederlandpilled.

It’s like people forget the whole country isn’t fucking Chicago or New York. Nigga I’d have to charge that bike three times to get to the nearest gas station. I hate citycels so much.

This is aimed at Californiacels.

Weather's too inclement in Chicago and NY for this to be very practical.

I don't want them given free, but I fully encourage the techcels in San Francisco to all get electric bikes to take to work at techworld inc. Then, some day when it unexpectedly pours down rain at the end of shift with no end in sight, I want to see them all try to call ubers, but there are no ubers because everyone's on goddamned bikes.

Lmao imagine being so much of a pussy you can’t ride your bike in cold weather.


The dutch


Every europoor

I plowed through snow with my bike. Sometimes even falling on my arse

There is no greater rush than being fully warmed up and dodging cars biking through Chicago. My bike messenger summer was the greatest shape I’ve been been in besides lumberjack winter.

They fucked up the name of their own guest author in the Tweet, it's Jay Caspian Kang.

Jay Caspian Kang collects basketball sneakers. He surfs. He plays poker and says he once lost $9,000 to a stripper wearing heart-shaped ...

Kang wrote(...) He asserted that Asian-Americans "have been conditioned our entire lives to imagine White," and that "Like Jin before him, what Jeremy Lin represents is a re-conception of our bodies, a visible measure of how the emasculated Asian-American body might measure up to the mythic legion of Big Black supermen."[4] Kang has continued to write about race throughout his career, with "A significant majority of Kang's columns, television segments, and magazine features hav[ing] a central focus on the role of race in culture."[2]

This guy's entire career revolves around a humiliation fetish he picked up from seeing one too many KARA BOĞA memes




People that live in San Francisco literally cannot mentally comprehend that the weather isn’t suitable for this shit anywhere else.

Such a dumb fat burger thing to say. I live in a city that’s dark and below freezing for 6 months out of the year and everyone bikes everywhere year-round.

That’s because your city is full of poor people.

Poor, but sexy

Car control is not a meme 🙅🏻‍♀️

It’s simply good policy 👩🏻‍💼💅🏽

Bip. Bip.

100% correct.

Can anybody seriously look at this and tell me everything's alright?

Of course people need to stop buying cars.

That's an old fashioned bike. Not a free electric beep beep.

God imagine how unwieldy that thing is to stop. May Allah (SWT) help her if she gets going downhill.


Reinventing motorcycles

Cars are the only cool technology, why do citycels have to ruin everything :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber: :marseyunabomber:

Cars are dangerous weapons of mass terror and should be banned

You are Taiwanese. Your very history is defined by cowardice, failure and retreat. You are literally scuffed "Chinese", though you even manage to run away from that identity as well. People have to be reminded constantly that you even exist. Is it because of CCP censorship and influence? No -- it's because you're pathetic losers, and when China inevitably captures your pathetic little strip of land, absolutely no one will care or even notice. You are 23 million "literal whos". You are Island Chinks, and nothing more.

I would answer your question, but by the time this communique will arrive at your personal computer you'll probably be in gulags. I already forgot what country your geoflag is halfway through this post, but I'm fairly certain it'll be "China" by the time I finished checking.