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Please touch the grass, Pizza

The rightoid barbarians are at the gates and we are without a skilled general to mount a competent defense. @pizzashill you are one of the few among us with the longposting stamina to fend off the marauding hordes of ruqqoids and wintards. So please, go touch the grass and reclaim your rightful post as our longpost king. The very fate of rdrama itself hangs in the balance.

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Jump in the discussion.

No email address required.

consider this cosigned 1/x

for I am twittified 2/x

and cannot longpost 3/x

lmao more coin 4/4

What does a shit award do to a comment?

It signifies you thought the comment was shit

He seems to hate Brave but I would rather have him here

Also bring LLM back

LLM is gone again? Surely xe won't be coming back this time.


I'm pretty sure Pizza is in prison for trying to go all shot caller on some Ohio crackheads who wronged him in some dubious fashion

A very real thing that definitely happened.

The mind of Pizzashill would be a fascinating thing to explore

What rightoid invasion? The one LLM allegedly created? :marseythinkorino:

He went Into the Wild a while ago to ascend as an intellectual or something gay. You'll just have to cope with being a seething r-slur on your own.

He's hunting biran and gabbys killer up there in Alaska


Pizza can't stand being around a foid for more than 15 minutes, especially mother nature.

:marseypizzashill: :marseyantiwork:

You’re not a woman. You’re a tomboy at best.

If I was a foid I’d kill myself, but since I’d be a foid I’d just end up failing. Wow, what a fresh hell you’ve just forced me to imagine, Snappy.

:!marseyparty3: :#marseyparty1: :!marseyparty2: :#marseyparty3:


But he likely has abandoned the site in its entirety

Heed no alarm as the rightoid menace is just a mere phantom. Hold your hysteria to thyself and wait for when need for his prowess at the longposteth does arrive! :marseycrusader:

Asking Pizza to touch grass is like asking LLM to stop being short.

I'm sorry but you are going to have to become the change you wish to see in the world and longpost the leftoid content we need.