GigaVaxxer's Ramen Review 3: Ottogi Kimchi Ramen

Flavor: 10/10

I like kimchi, and I prefer instant noodles with a good broth.

Customization: 4/10

Not much pairs with it, at least that I can think of. I just had a softboiled egg and cracked black pepper on top. I guess green onion could go well with it?

Price: 4/10

$7 for a 5 pack at my Asian market

Total Rating: 9/10

Very good ramen, but I'm a kimchi enjoyer. If you're a pussy ass bitch who doesn't like kimchi this isn't for you (obviously).


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There were 2 Koreans who used to live in the dorm across the hall from me when I was a freshman in college. They'd always argue and fight and it became such a deal that the r.a. ended up having to get campus housing involved. I once went into their room for something (honestly I forget what it was I was borrowing) and noticed they had taken the bunk beds down and placed them side by side like some makeshift queen sized bed. So the reason they were fighting was because it was lovers quarrels. The reason I bring this up is they'd constantly eat kimchi. Homemade kimchi at that. It would stink up half the dorm floor and they actually would microwave it so it made the smell worse. So now everytime I see kimchi I remember those 2 laurel and hardy looking Koreans always fighting and those beds pushed together.


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Oh people hated them for the smell just as much as they did the 2am arguments in Korean.

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I buy a lot of food and throw it away no need to eat it

Solid choice. Kimchi noodle bowls are the shit.



y'all need god to save you

Out of a whole continent of noodle eaters, you chose food from the people who turned "If we don't eat this putrified food, we'll starve" into a culinary art.

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Sounds delicious, I’m gonna go try to find some.

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Nice, thanks. I mostly eat this one but I wanna branch out more:

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