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These kids seem to have forgotten that it was never about GameStop not being a company on the slow March to inevitable death but about how over shorted the stock was.

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i think the narrative switched to "well actually GME is an awesome innovate tech play" after the "MOASS" kept not happening month after month

Damn that's a hardcore cope

For some folks, definitely, but I bought a bunch of GME in September (edit - November) 2020 because someone on WSB made a pretty good case for it being undervalued, with the squeeze as a possible bonus.

My take was that GME went up when new consoles launched in 2006 and 2014. New consoles were coming out in 2020 and they just brought in the Chewy guy on their board so I was pretty sure it wouldn’t go down, that it would probably go up, and that it might squeeze.

Bought shares. Options aren’t really a big thing in Britain. I was betting mostly on a small increase from musical chairs on the board of directors and the new consoles. And through sheer luck I ended up in the right place at the right time.

There were a lot of WSB tards of the same mind that it had potential as a growth stock so they weren’t all counting on whatever moass bullshit is being peddled these days. Then it went completely r-slurred, all the normies showed up and now nothing makes sense.

You fell for the classic crypto shotgun pump. They just shotgun every piece of good news, and rationalize a million reasons it will go up to get people to buy.

If there was a real reason for the stock to be going up then they wouldn't be listing 30 reasons.

Okay, but I made money so I’m glad I fell for it.

Look at this r-slur who fell for it, with all his money to show for it. What a r-slur.


Yeah, but I won so :tayshrug:

So how much money did you lose?

I bought shares, not options. Options aren’t really a thing in the UK. Bought at $17.60 in November (got my dates wrong up there). Sold pretty high over a few days after the top - the top was when RobinHood froze trading and slowed everything down. Thought I was gonna be a millionaire for a moment or two when it was rocketing up, but nah, not even close.

“Priced in”

Peep GME’s price about three months after the Wii launch and PS4 launch. The market failed to predict Gamestop reporting above-average results in those new console quarters at least twice.

I dunno. I might have been wrong. I never had to find out because the price went ballistic regardless of the financial results.

Whatever. Chart analysis is horoscopes for men.

You're one of the few intellectual ones that participated in this whole shitshow; congratulations.

Lmao you got downvoted for saying I might be smart. I feel attacked.

Haters :marseyimpossibru: :marseyimpossibru: :marseyimpossibru:

I mean, I’m basically mentally r-slurred, but I definitely thought I had reasons to like GME that weren’t squeeze-related. I’d have been too big a pussy to gamble entirely on a short squeeze.

I also bought some CD Projekt shares around the same time. :marseycry:

I definitely saw a couple of reasons within my own research that initially pushed me to further deepen my stakes in it at first but after seeing a bunch of red flags and the way people started talking about it i realized what the fuck was up and the first "drop" on the chart i exfilled my entire portfolio. Smartest move as its done nothing but go down since.

My condolences on the CD Projekt, not even the dick slider coomers could save them 😔

I didn’t have much in CDR because I figured Cyberpunk’s sales would already be priced in, but I reasoned that Cyberpunk might even overperform or have a really long tail like The Witcher 3 has had.

Quite the opposite, obviously.

Didn’t lose much on it, but definitely lost. I said in another post that options aren’t really a thing over here, so any losses have been pretty modest.

GME is the best play I’ve ever made, and probably the best play I’ll ever make. I was in exactly the right place at the right time. I don’t think I’ll pull anything like that off again.

This reminds me of when I convinced my dad to buy blizzard stock for me a year and half before the wotlk wow expansion released. I think I made a cool 30 bucks :marseycool:

DM ME FOR A GOOD TIME :marseyhomofascist:

Damn bro thirty bucks! Guildwarscels in shambles, WOWchads in Lambos.

To be fair in today's goldfish brained 2 second attention span culture I'm honestly surprised this is still going.

It happened and everyone forgot to cash in. Most stocks don’t 10x in the span of a day or two.

No there are super secret shorts that they never have to pay, but also if they get the stock price high enough then the secret bonus moass everyone is rich and communism happens round starts. Also the company is now an innovative online retailer for just gaming and weeb shit which will make the stock price soar.

Don't mind that literally no one is buying anything from GameStop.

I just bought a computer case from them.

Desperate bagholder logic.

I had a coworker who was convinced it'd skyrocket because gamestop would get their shit together. He lost that delusion eventually.

I pumped and dumped that stock as fast as I could, made a couple hundy from it and was happy. There's gonna be a lot of salty zoomers holding a bag of shit when that stock goes back to $4 bucks a share.

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My coworker bought near the peak (he didn't buy a shitload thankfully) and was convinced that they'd succeed through online sales😂.

they'd succeed through online sales

Yeah I'm sure shitty GameStop that really made their name through being a glorified pawn shop will beat Amazon out in the online sales game.

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what i love most about this too is that prior to Jan 2021, the only mention you'd see of Gamestop on reddit was nonstop sneeding about how the Scalpchads of your local Gamestop would only give you $2 for your collection of used Vidya. And now they act like there's so much goodwill and they've always had a huge loyal fanbase

Lol yeah I remember going in with a game that was only like a month old and having them tell me they’d give me 5 bucks store credit only to turn around and sell the same game for $50. Their whole business model is based on ripping kids and ignorant moms off id be happy to see them go.

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Right lol. They'll always lose at console sales to Amazon and Wal-Mart and no one buys physical games anymore.

Hi yes if you could stop spreading FOMO that'd be great thanks #tothemoon 😋

I mean their "innovations" are doomed cope, but their old model may well plough on. I got PS4 late, tried all the discounted GameStop games (hated most of them, but shopping at GameStop made sense.) I rarely let PS4 even talk to Internet, cuz the bloated updates are just disgusting and offensive. Pretty sure the last patch for South Park game breaks it, too, if I ever play again, will not DL update.

Yeah, DFV was using an investing strategy called deep value investing that basically hinges on finding stocks that the market hasn't priced in right and GameStop was one of the best examples, a failing company that had years of slowly diminishing profits was hurt way more than it should have been by the coronavirus. DFV made a great play that attracted too many tards and ruind WSB.

Don't forget stonk god Michael Burry who has been predicting a catastrophic level market crash for like a year now and who's twitter is so schizo someone keeps making him delete everything

though he's prob right about the market crash, just impossible to predict when

He's been right about 6 of the last 2 crashes.

r-slurs need to just sell covered calls God damn lmao


Thats implying these r-slurs actually have the common sense to even think about options calls.

I remember when big players were doing their calls and posting "gains"; every sperg saw green and wanted to know how to make that same profit. No one had a clue about options except the ones who wouldnt be left holding the bag, and those smart enough to load and hold shares at $25/ dumped before it got to the tremendous amounts of tism it achieved shortly after the first dip.

Haven't seen much GME stuff lately and I found gems like this

Not to mention the fact that a majority of these new hires chose to accept stock compensation instead of a typical salary.

very funny to me to imagine some dude working at a retail gamestop in a strip mall taking "the majority of his compensation in GME stock" instead of getting paid lol.

Nietzsche lamented the fall of religion and faith in God. He wondered what horrors we would replace it with. We are literally seeing a financial stock cult before our eyes. Jesus christ.

Not even close to the first. Another example of this is the Iraqi Dinar scam.

Lol is this where the GME bagholders have been hanging out the past year?

"Monica Lewinsky is a fuckin hoe and Bill Clinton is a god damn pimp!"

-Kid Rock

They lurk in every investing sub too. Just waiting for any comment they can use to shoehorn in their opinion about why you should buy GME right now at this incredible price before the moon.

lol, that's great. Thanks, next time someone tells me "commies are delusional and just want to be handed shit for free" I'll just link them to that :marseylaugh:

“Please make it stop - please God - have mercy - for the sake of my family and my future. Don’t the wealthy already have enough? I’m just trying to save for my family and buy a condo for my mother-in-law.”

commies are delusional and just want to be handed cr*p for free


The man above me is a groomer.


oh yeah, you built the earth then? or are you just reselling property you stole.

which is why i stopped caring about eminent domain. lol.