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Now watch this drive.

:marseycomrade: :marseycomrade: :marseycomrade: They're at least partially correct.

In a true leftist society this would not happen, because everyone who would do this would either be dead or vacationing in the gulag.

:marseyfrozen: :marseyfrozen: :marseyfrozen: :marseydead: :marseydead:

This is why Portland has no crime, right?

We should give the criminals and drug addicts more money and free stuff that'll fix everything!

♻ Devez-vous vraiment imprimer ce courriel ? Pensons à l'environnement ! ♻

That $950 misdemeanor theft thing is commiefornia law, the entire state is fucked

![]( <- me dunking on papists

If crime is performed exclusively by poor people why don't we just make it illegal to be poor


I love how there's no "this would improve things in my opinion" qualifier, no this leftoid knows that there would be no homeless if xe were to be in charge. Not to mention the idea of education being the problem here is a classic lib take, smh this is no real leftoid it's a radlib.

Xhe knows it's true because xheir professor at a coastal college city told them so.


nah just communists saying 'not real leftists' for anyone who will listen

Its true that leftist policies wouldnt cause this. Theyd cause a different kind or amount of crime, but it’s a massive cope to suggest infrastructure is why people commit crimes. Dudes dont go out and rape because they didnt get enough stimmiebux, they do it because they want to do it

Inb4 @pizzashill shows up to defend liberal cities even though he’s never lived in one to see how shitty democrat cities

I think he's going to Portland soon, he will step on a drug needle, catch HIV, and blame it on voter ID laws

Not everyone can live in a Republican paradise like Jacksonville, Florida.


Jax is 🏀🍉 central

89.29% of the vote in the last Jacksonville mayoral election went to Republicans. 61.1% of the vote in their most recent Congressional election went to the Republican.

Conservative paradise


I’ve been to Jacksonville. It’s one of those places where you have to lock your car doors at the traffic light

Result of living in a Republican city


Prepare for the return of the railroad bull. Trains aren’t going to tolerate this for long. They’ll send in the buckbreakers. They’ve mentioned they’re sealing the train cars shut and breaking them open when they get to their destination. That’s insane. The drug addicts are getting bolder and bolder.

In South Africa this has gone a bit further down the hill. Train stations were stripped of things like cables, roofs, windows etc during lockdown Train track are being stolen. Train services have mostly shut down. It happens quickly if not nipped in the bud.

Why's South Africa like this? In stats it looks like a richer country, but when people talk about it it seems horrible


niggas stole the train tracks

Can't have shit in South Africa

Maybe if the society provide those people a decent job market where they can live off adequatly from their wage, that would help? I mean 10$/hour in LA barely give you enough to pay the rent...

LMAO just give people who have already established themselves as criminals a high paying job where they need to actually do something productive 8h/day. They'd definitely instantly throw away their lazy ass thieving ways to be a wage slave. :marseytea:

Id love to sit around with my friends all day coming up with illegal ways to make money. It legitimately sounds like a lot more fun than any job i can think of. The thing that most of these people don't realize is that these criminals probably really enjoy their life and it isn't really done out of desperation but out of apathy towards the repercussions.

Missed opportunity for a train drama bait title

NBCLA showed LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva what our cameras captured: thieves in action, with bolt cutters in hand, opening FedEx cargo containers.

"Wow! And that’s all pulled from trains? Wow, that’s all new to me," he said.

"Holy moly," Villanueva said.

Burgers are literally beyond parody LMAO.



Los Angeles

os Angele

s Angel



You cracked the code snappy :!marseyohno:

Didn’t know Dan Brown was a dramacel :marseywave:

Someone mentioned on there that they've started "welding" the doors shut to stop basketball players from looting out of it.... can anyone confirm?


Left vs Right fighting

i think you mean WRONG VS RIGHT FIGHTING :scoot:

r-slur vs r-slur

Based on the neighborhood and some positioning from the perspective of the L.A. skyline, I've identified the location as 34 03' 51" N, 118 12' 37" W

gonna start using bardfinn's addy coordinates to do some trolling next time

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