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Gay FloridaMan found dead in landfill. Redditors speculate on who did it.
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Yeah, definitely some sick psychopath did this in the name of Jesus or trump (pretty much the same thing to some sick fucks.) This needs to blow up, but sadly it won’t.

Very sane take.

Remember when soccer moms used to say every single murder commited by a teenager was the act of violent vidyagems and metal music? Good to know people haven't matured past that.

Let's also not forget when they immediatly blamed average height black man.


It is funny how redditors make fun of conspiracy theorists while never missing a chance to junp to conclusions that promote their worldview


Non-educated leftoids never look at the numbers.

It's pretty much always someone the victim knew and not some rando.

God are they fucking dumb.

It's not a leftoid thing, it's an "everyone's a r-slur" thing. On true crime subs there's always a contingent who will ascribe every disappearance of a woman or child to "human traffickers." These are people for whom reading about crime is a hobby, and yet they somehow still haven't managed to put two and two together.

I love the idea of Trump surreptitiously commanding a guerilla movement of Evangelical Christian hit squads from Mar-A-Lago. I wish we lived in the world these people imagine we live in, it'd be a lot more fun.

Thank God the Iranians have an operation planned to eliminate him


There are already anti-hate crime laws on the book for both of those. Reddit r-slurs really can't handle people being the slightest bit mean.

We should also have laws that criminalize thinking murder is good, until then we should occupy streets in protest :brainletchair: :soyjakhipster: :soyjackwow:

at least redditors are no longer trying to hide that they literally want thoughts to be illegal.

Why are you worried about them? They just want to marry.

As a cute twink I am very concerned about their antics

Sounds like you need to work on your redditorphobia, bigot.

words are violence chud. did you know every time a bigoted terf posts a transphobic comment 6 million trans women die? it's true, look up the science sweaty. this is why it's justified for trans women to take cisoid gussy as rightfully theirs

it’s called stochastic terrorism

sexual reparations when

Me when both words and silence are violence

Let this be a lesson to all of you young bussy hounds, never meet up with a Grindr date at the local landfill.


Watch out, Marsey! That's not a real dong, that's a fortified dildo used for knocking people out!


![]( <- me dunking on papists

:marseycop2: :!marseyblackcop:

Please come with us, sir. We believe that magnum dildo in your hands is connected to a case two counties over in Miami-Dade. Please don't make any sudden movements or thrusting,

Some would say that jackhammer dildo looks remarkably similar to an unloaded mini-14

bruh don't scare marsey thats just the shadow of florida

They're acting like his anti-gay marriage ban lawsuit was recent. It's not even a long article but these cute twinks are too stupid to read it.

Has there been any of these cases where a rightoid actually did this in the past 30-ish years? Even the Matthew Shepard case wasn't really an anti-gay murder.

Uh hello?! Ever heard of Jussie Smollett?!!

lmao did this kid whole-ass surprise-kiss an atomwaffen division nigga on the lips?

Gay jew gets murdered after surprise kissing a mentally ill homo-questioning neo-nazi on the lips. The state of burgerland


Yeah that was a big deal. Murders in Orange County aren’t all that common, the news was everywhere


Woodward and Bernstein? :marseyshook:

Redpill me on Matthew Shepard. I remember being taught it was a brutal anti-gay hate crime as a kid.

The killers were also gay, they were trying to torture him into giving up a giant meth stash worth $10k

He suffered periods of depression, possibly as a result of being gang raped a few years earlier while on holiday in Morocco.

Shit nigga no wonder he got addicted to drugs.

I spoke to Waters, who has since retired from the police, having seen him praise The Book of Matt on social media. “I believe to this day that McKinney and Henderson were trying to find Matthew’s house so they could steal his drugs. It was fairly well known in the Laramie community that McKinney wouldn’t be one that was striking out of a sense of homophobia. Some of the officers I worked with had caught him in a sexual act with another man, so it didn’t fit – none of that made any sense.”

wtf why the actual shit did this not come out in court or the general media

Because this was right after the peak of the AIDS Crisis where a shit ton of the country still openly hated gay people so the LGBT lobby that had been built up since the 1960s desperately needed a martyr.

I'm fuckin malding about being lied to.

I'm malding about not having a massive meth stash


Redditors always downvote the shit out of it when you bring it up. It’s a good wordswordswords generator.

Now watch this drive.

Rightoids? Depends on how you define it. There was a gay kid in a neighboring high school who was violently sodomized by some gay-hating cholos, and the damage they did to him was so horrifying he was hospitalized for a long time. Poor guy ended up killing himself, and I don't blame him. Are non-voting, "Catholic," homophobic Mexican, gangbanger wannabes rightoids? They're not progressives, that's for sure. But homophobic attacks still do happen, even thought that was in the early 2000s. I'd guess it's the same rate as the racial hate crimes that happen: very rarely and most often by 🏀. The idea that some rich WASP pastor is out there assassinating gays is just not based in reality.

One less moid in the world

:!#marseyparty: :#marseyparty:

sir this is a gay male supremacist forum. straggots get the fuck out

Least rightoid rdrama user

Homophobia and transphobia kill. They should be legally considered to be crimes.

call me a serial killer

smart money is a hookup gone wrong

Okay but did you see that bow-tie? I bet he's really annoying, doubt it was for being gay, bet he probably couldn't keep his giant mouth shut.

DM ME FOR A GOOD TIME :marseyhomofascist:

this reads like a signed confession and psych evaluation





yep, marsey, cocaine was involved

The boyfriend did it :marseyagree:

He was probably cruising.


I did it