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this thread is full of trumpist cope, sorry magatards, but your non-stop misogyny will keep scaring away women, they know how gross y'all are.

True but you're also a jannoid and you pinned your own post, so:


Comments that disagree with the majority of the commenters are the ones that should be on the top of the page, that's one of the more important parts fighting the echo chamber effect that happens on like every site.

If only downvotes counted as upvotes in the sort! That would be very unfortunate for your argument if true, hypothetically speaking :marseyshapiro:

Authoritarian Quad is so much hotter holy shit

i bet he/she looks like an anime trap irl and would lock your dick up and deny orgasms if you didn't respect trans rights enough :marseykink:


Ah yes, it’s so much better when you buy a pin from OP

it's best when i pin you to the wall and blast your bussy into next week

Just because I’m non-binary doesn’t mean I’m NECESSARILY a white woman

non binary is just half assed cope for foids, just go the whole way and start your journey of self improvement by becoming a man

bussy implies a boy pussy, but im fine with a theythemussy too

Dogs don’t discriminate apparently

all we need is some peanut butter

Your opinion is invalid because you live in europe so cope europoor

At least I'm not a burger midget.

:marseymutt: :marseymanlet:

Actually I’d rather be a 3’ dwarf with Michelle Wu as president of USA then live in Eastern Europe XD

good because I live in Central Europe not Eastern Europe.

Same shit


sry bro magyars are eastern euros


Not even that.

Central Europe is strictly a coping myth sorry hun

I love when non-women tell me "you'll never get women like me!" As if I'm worried about getting effeminate men with mental deficiencies.

By Andi Zeisler, cofounder of Bitch Media and author, "We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement"

opinion discarded


NGL, that sounds kinda interesting. Feminism really has gone from a real movement to a make work grift for middle/upper class foids. I'd be interested to see how honest they are about the gutting and comidification of the movement.


It sounds like cope on nbc’s part. If you go on the incel offsite communities you’ll notice they’re mostly communists and regard women as the property to be shared. Also she’s a self-declared “grrrl” feminist and self-acknowledged bitch. Most real women are more worried about being raped by men pretending to be women than trumpies.

Most Mayo middle class women make MAGA trump people look like Marxist

You don’t get boring bland burbs that all look the same because men want to live there. It’s because Mayo women are scared to send their kids to school with basketballs

Mayo women are scared to send their kids to school with basketballs

Rightfully so

would you rather ride Mr. Epstein's magic bus?

I went to a high school that was like 40% black and it was extremely funny but my kids will absolutely not be going to a school like that

They’re reacting to a National Review article where the guy argued conservatives should be a protected minority, particularly in the dating world


Holy shit how did I miss this.

While people are free to discriminate however they wish in dating, this attitude bleeds into problematic spheres such as hiring and social toleration.

This is what the heckin' valid people always claim. The solution is obvious: Trumpers need to suck some feminine penis.


It’s cope and seethe all around


Imagine being so cucked that you'd completely accept the moral framing of your political enemies. All to get some gussies.

:marseylaugh: :roflmao:

Educated women not wanting to date Trump supporters, for instance, is a solid example of the free market that conservatives hold so dear.

Women educated


Umm sweaty that Social Science and Gender Studies degree is valid. You're just intimidated by educated Women :marseynails:

Educated women

That's just slang for "cat lady". Those don't date anyone because they think they deserve better than they can get

Straightness, and its consequences, have been a disaster for the White nations. The Greeks knew

And more women are having less sex than ever



How does he do it?


Exclusive prototype for GTP-4

Why would anyone discuss politics with foids

This. Literally just hide your power level. You're not a hero for screaming at women about the Great Reset and vaccines and Jews. Get laid a couple times first then talk about how Trump has messaging you like if you're so r-slurred you can't stop thinking about his mouthfeel. This is not that hard, scrotes,

about how Trump has messaging you like if you're so r-slurred you can't stop thinking about his mouthfeel

Wait what

He means Qanon

In other words, if you're on Trump's dick so much you absolutely refuse to hide your power level, consider at least waiting until after you have gotten laid and not before. There's no advantage to screeching about JFK Jr's resurrection and the deep state on the first date.

Get laid a couple times first

No sex before marriage heathen

Tradcels OUT

for drama, obvs

Imagine letting anyone know your political opinions before marriage :marseylaugh:

DM ME FOR A GOOD TIME :marseyhomofascist:

lmao these libfoids are so out of touch with reality. didn't half of america vote for trump? "lol half the country is incels durr" :marseygigaretard:

*Half of the people r-slurred enough to vote

Yea only like half of the people that can vote do it

White men most desired in dating. White men mostly vote republican. Maths not adding up here.

Are the ones most likely to vote Republican the most desirable though? Most dudes I know that pull don't even vote.

As soon as you vote you get a "nerd" pheromone that never goes away

Why would a trumpoid want to date a polyamorous genderhair anyway?

All I know is, this guy is probably gonna have some trouble getting a date.


Since he's redpilled on the daughter question, he won't mind not procreating.

hello fellow trump supporters


What?? I've dated two people who thought I secretly voted for trump (i didn't vote and then voted for JJ lol) and prob thought I have a shrine to him in my house somewhere with no problem

Women are too stupid and/or too much of a pushover to have a firm belief when it comes to politics

True, one of my best friends is a Trump guy and it didn't take him long to turn his super-lib gf into a Trump girl. All they had to do was move in together so his convictions could win out in the end