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Dune sequels

How will the dune sequels deal with the strange sexual overtones of the bulldike women from space who enslave people with sex, and how will they deal with dunkin idaho beating one by literally dicking her into submission?

Btw these are important main plotlines of dune, up there with leto becoming a sandworm and squishing people.

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I am not boomer enough to know about dune, I only know my uncle hyped the book to me when I was a kid. But somehow most foids I know went watching that movie and all tickets for that movie ware sold in advance in my country even Endgame had some tickets on day one. The reason was “that movie had such hot guys” my aunt went with her daughter for that reason to that movie.

So I wonder how will the sales of that movie be now since FCS can’t go watch this movie because Jason Momoa is now a NVM :marseyfranklin:

Dune had open seats my first night, but there were more women than i expected.

Then again, walking out of blade runner 2049, i heard women nonstop talking about "han solo." Crazy what reasons people will make up to see a movie for, no matter how stupid.

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When watching blade runner like 50% of people left before the ending of the movie. People probably ware expecting a action movie

Didnt have a problem with too many leaving. One of the six showings i went to had some teens pretending to fart in the last third of the movie. More often than not, the theaters were empty. Which was great for me.

Beyond that it was fine. Almost caved a boomers head in for trying to take my seat on the first showing though. Stench doesnt play with his blade runner.

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Best experience was Black Panther. The whole kino was full with black people in their traditional costumes and having drums and shit my friend was the only whitecel in the room kek

My panther showing was fine, however the nuthouse was the time i showed up to a showing of The Room.

Unironically one of the best movie experiences of my life. It was a borderline riot for the entire runtime. Jannies dunked on from all the spoon throwing.

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Yeah I heard about it in some youtuber review of the room. To bad the director made so few movies he has talent

Honestly directors like that are usually just grifters. Once they realize people give them money for schlock, they try to play it off as a joke and end up making unentertaining garbage.

Case in point: Birdemic 2. No idea if that applies to the ohaimark guy. Maybe his other movies are kino.

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You shout "he finna dab on this fool!" To get accepted?

My dad is mulatto so I am kinda passing enough like Curry from NBA. But I told some thugs “this white guy is with me” pointing at my white friend who was the only white person.

One of the six showings i went to

Didn't know we had a premium kinomaster over here.

Ill watch just about any movie in theaters. The good/funnybad ones ill show up to multiple times. Good way to spend a few hours without wasting a whole day.

Got to the point where i saw that charlies angels thing, and recently matrix 4. I came out of both feeling the same way.

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I only ever watched Joker 2019 more than once in theaters, and that was thrice. And it felt cramped to fit that into the 5~ weeks big movies stay in theaters.

Good choice tho. Villeneuve makes great kino.

I particularly like going to the theaters solo. You're supposed to be silent anyway. Never understood why some people consider it a purely social experience.

joker 2019

I dont think im ever gonna see that movie after the first time i saw it

Villeneuve makes great kino

Prisoners is what got me into movies. Hes a director that reddit loves but i honestly cant get enough of his stuff.

theaters solo

Yes and no. Im okay seeing a good movie by myself, but theres few things on gods earth more enjoyable than showing up to a terrible movie with food you snuck in and laughing for 2.5 hours straight with the boys.

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I hold up the first 4 seasons of Game of Thrones as some of the finest television ever made. It makes me unironically seethe when people reduce its appeal to "gracious nudity and cgi dragons".

It's genuinely sad just how quickly that show turned to dogshit once the showrunners ran out of direct book material. The quality shift in season 5 was glaringly obvious.

That happened in the first book?

![]( <- me dunking on papists


Then it's not making it into the movie lmao

![]( <- me dunking on papists

The movies are only the first book? I can't tell if that is completely r-slurred or a really sound decision.

Nobody wants to see a chapterhouse dune movie

![]( <- me dunking on papists

Denis is planning more sequels beyond it, as well as a show or two, but we have to see the box office.

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The first movie was only half of book one, the sequel will be part 2 of book one, then we'll see about the other books


Theyre not gonna take the sequels remotely that far, and if they do, the plotlines will be altered.

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Uh, I don't remember that part of the book. You wouldn't happen to have the chapter it is in do you?

Oh, by sequels you mean the other books? I thought you meant the 2nd half of the book that is going to be the next movie.

If they do the other books I expect them to completely cash out and have absolutely no integrity i.e. the Hobbit movies.

I really don't think the dune books are great material for movies. I really think there's a problem of everyone trying to force novels into a series of blockbuster movies no matter how poorly they fit.

Controversial opinion, IT would make the most sense as a docuseries consisting of interviews and some found footage.

Dune is a great series. I finished God Emperor not too long ago, but you're right.

Dune (the first book), is probably the only one that could be adapted into a movie well. Maaaaybe Messiah. But Children of dune won't work, because it'll look ridiculous seeing two kids in real life act like 1000 year old adults, and GE would be 8 hours of a worm talking to old people about government.

I could see them actually not skipping the Jihad, and dedicating multiple movies to the 15 year long conflict.

I wonder how they'll broach 61 billion deaths from an Islamic holy war. Hopefully we'll be post-woke by the time that's in production.

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idaho beating one by literally dicking her into submission

Based and hentai logic pilled.

I liked the movie but dislike reading about weird sex stuff like that. Can I get into Dune or is it simply not for me?

The weird sex stuff is a very small minority of the series much later on. It's not as briefly mentioned as the secret space jews, but it's still not constant. In fact there's more talk of boy diddling by the harkonen fellow then straight sex from the feminist space tiger amphetamines women.

The fish speakers enslaved people with sex? What?

I mean, there were sexual undertones to the fish speakers, and some incesty shit with Leto and his Sister, but I wouldn't say they were really that important to the over all plot of the books.

I'm more curious to see if they include the spice orgies in Part 2 of dune

The fish speakers? Maybe read past the third book lmao. I'm talking about the amphetamine space bene gessarit (sp?) That returned after the god emporers diaspora that used sex brainwashing to enslave men.

Lol holy shit for real? What the hell did Frank start taking in the 80's?


You do realize the main story of dune is that magical space hallucinogens make you see the future.

Yes I know what the key plot point of dune is, sorry I haven't read all the way up to chapterhouse yet, ya fuckin nerd.

I just mean clearly him being on drugs was a given from book 1. Also i think at that point his kid had taken over.

the Honoured Matres aren't until book 5. I doubt the movies will get that far.

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I thought it wasn't until the sequel books that shit started getting that weird.

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Those are non-canon spinoffs of the Dune trilogy and d :marseymaoist: :marseyreading: on't count

His son owned the rights so they are completely canon. Even the dune encyclopedia admits there official canon, though they also put the word dubious in there like there's an actual objective reality these books are meant to reflect.

that's at least 4-5 movies away. I doubt the film series will even last that long, if it becomes a series. I want them to get reach God Emperor at the very least.

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