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Dude's rocking that @carpathianflorist beard


![]( <- me dunking on papists

I soon realized that the small-breasted female figure in the sky-blue top, wearing a long side ponytail, makeup, and a coy smile, was Skylar Deleon.



Imagine being the jannies who have to clean up the pronouns on a wikipedia page for a convicted serial killer decades after the fact. Wow they must surely have a great life! In the words of our lord, they are truly doing their community a favour just like fire fighters



Seems like it wasn't a power rangers actor

Hmm.. I had the same lawyer as him and my lawyer said he was so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


He says he was an uncredited extra but there's no supporting evidence of it

Defense lawyers claimed that Deleon's need for money to finance sex reassignment surgery was the motivation for the Hawks' murders

See chuds, that's what happen when you deny trans bodies their life saving surgeries