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[Ghost Thread] Fuck Marry Kill

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@Aevann I think Ghost Award is broke



This is brilliant. I does really reflect the average rdrama user experience.

Thank you. I really wanted to capture that essence in this Marsey art piece :marseypainter:

Kill: all furries


Wow, just wow.


Fuck: zozbot

Marry: snappy and bardbot

Kill: longpostbot and autojanny

Fuck: lucariocute twink

Marry: dramamine

Kill: SCD

Fake ghost award? Well im not a pussy so ill leave it up.


Stop, your making me blush :platyblush:

You started it, bb



Fuck Carp Marry Aevann Kill LandlordMessiah

Marry: Snappy (although I may have to rethink this after the gambling problem started)

Fuck: longpostbot

Kill: The Drama notification bot, I guess

FM: I don't know any other leftoid on rdrama

K: Pizzashill

Assuming the furtwinks are their actual sonas and not the greasy skinnyfats they likely are behind the screen:


Marry @xthek

Kill @Jackal

I also would fuck-zone @LUCARIOCUTE TWINK

Marry @Noctis because he seems sweet

Kill myself for being a degenerate furry for a 20+ years

For the record I didnt forget about you, it's just that a massive fucking muscular gator with (assumedly) a 2 foot long spiked cock is too terrifying of a prospect for any of those options. :marseysipping:

Lmao, I know I'm not fem enough for you. Just seen you had the same fuck slot.

Honestly if any other fur on this site sold themselves as slightly masc they would have taken the fuck and marry spot.

Also I enjoy tasteful realistic cock size depiction.

It's amusing how 99% of male furries always lean for the cookie-cutter fluffy femboy fox trope, even amongst the furcute twinks that post here. Furry tops who are into those types (and have the IRL physique to back it up) must be drowning in tail at cons, pun intended.

I find the majority of gay men are bottoms or have a strong preference for it. Being a furry just magnifies that trait in them.

Fox and Wolf fursonas are the basic bitches of the furry world, you have the whole animal kindom to choose from, pick something interesting

Says the guy who had the whole pokedex to choose from and went for the eeveelutions. :marseysmug2:

My IRL fursona is an Okapi though so ateast I have that going for me

IRL fursona


It’s not fair of you to assume I’m fem :marseygasp:

I haven't really had a chance to interact with you so assumed femboy fox as a default.

I'm glad to see your are a Chad chunie appreciator so that brings you up in my books.

:marseyagree: he is the only artist to draw what I consider the ideal male body, over and over again

I also love the natural and pin up style poses used for most of the images. Not to mention the dong sizes are mostly in the realistic range. Legit perfect artist, I hope he doesn't turn out to be horrible like my last favourite artist.

Is it too spicy if I ask who the last one was?

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lol well put. he draws the same picture over and over again, which works out perfectly because it's a great picture

agree with @SomeGayFurry that he'd better not turn out to be secretly awful

The only issue is that he forever renounced the path of the sheath

Not sure why, especially since the old pics are still there for all to see.

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D'awwww! >//w//<

I-I... ehrm. Well now. <///>

I'd fuck you too issue is we're both masc

That's not an issue for me. I hope you like bottoming

i'd give it a shot

I win :marseynails: :marseylove: :marseyyes:

Considering the other options available in this shithole, a mildly neurodivergent femboy fennec with a rightoid streak just seemed the most tolerable. :marseyshrug:

Call me bb

I'm not a femboy :marseycry: :marseycry:

and anytime :marseyblowkiss:

thanks for remembering me :marseyhearts:

Fuck snappy Marry snappy

Kill anyone thats trans

Im never saying trans lives matter unironically

Fuck: Zozbot

Marry: Pizzashill

Kill: Hotep

Fuck: My life

Marry: The rope around my neck

Kill: Myself



Fuck: House Femboy

Marry: House Racist

Kill: house furry.