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Forgetable hippy says she's pulling her music from Spotify.

Thought Joni Mitchell was dead.


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Funny, I know both her and Neil Young from the Last Waltz of The Band.

Been a while since I've seen the last waltz, gonna give it a watch sometime soon. Thanks for reminding me!


Most people can decide for themselves - I love you joni about I'm not into censorship or cancellation or another nonsense. What makes you think you know what's good for everyone else? I find this extremely hypocritical and entirely fear based -A very big fan of yours.

Based gilf

Oh no, not Joni Mitchell, artist of such hits as

Man the Twitter thread looks so organic and all the accounts are definitely real people. :marseytinfoil2:

Pulling bc she’s a fucking boomer and boomers are the worst most self absorbed selfish generation. They took religion out of family and now they're scared to die so instead of sacrificing anything like their own freedom to stay inside where they definitely wont get covid they expect their children to sacrifice for them yet again.


Bob Dylan's old slam piece

Joe makes way too much money. This is like Kid Rock and Rob Schneider railing against wokeism but the horseshoe version

Don't they make basically zero money off Spotify anyway?

Yeah she's giving up 73 bucks a month to be in the newspaper again after 15 million years, how noble.

They get paid in exposure :marseysmug2:

The thing I hate most about the reddit free speech convo is them just boiling it down to just meaning the first amendment like the world is only America. Like it can't be an ideal it only exists as the government not punishing you for speech. Like them mass censoring and taking over all platforms and most media isn't anti free speech. Like their new trend of everything they don't like being dangerous misinformation that must be muzzled for the greater good isn't inherently against the idea and values of open discourse and not just them monopolizing the spread of information.

As a huge Neil Young fan it is kind of disappointing but he has become basically mainstream reddit lib in his old age he was into the .

i hadn't thought about it that way but you're right

Do these old ass people think they still have clout? Who gives a shit lol. Definitely not the companies who are in it for the money.

Joni Mitchell has around 3 million monthly listeners, Neil Young has around 6 million. Joe Rogan gets 11 million listeners per episode.

Spotify is not letting go of their golden goose no matter how many crusty old has-beens whine about it.

Joni Mitchell has around 3 million monthly listeners, Neil Young has around 6 million. Joe Rogan gets 11 million listeners per episode.

This is partially, or at least one of the reasons why society shouldn't let children and morons to have access to the internet.

Joni Mitchell has way more talent in her little pinky fingernail than that little hairless short guy has ever had or will ever have in his entire existence.

Yeah she has one hell of a mouth, she sucked the life out of my grandpa back in 69' at Woodstock

I don't even know who Neil Young is.

Neil Percival Young OC OM is a Canadian-American singer, musician and songwriter.

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Do you know how to use a computer file system?

I hate to go boomer just Neil Young is great. :boomermonster:

Joni is also a leaf



Her hit song is "Back to the garden" lol

The leaves are raking themselves it seems

literally who

Famous for not lying.

In 2017, NPR ranked Blue number 1 on a list of Greatest Albums Made By Women.

If you've ever heard the type of music NPR likes this is basically an award for being the most irrelevant woman in music

Like Neil Young, she was popular in the 60s and 70s. These old fucks are way overplaying the nostalgia card. Unless your The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, or maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd, you need to have had a couple hits in the last 40 years for Spotify to give even a smidgeon of a fuck about you.


Boomers are dying and the kids like overproduced rave music to twerk to, sweaty. It's a shrinking market :marseynotes:

rave music

Bro it's not 2008 anymore. Zoomers listen to shitty mumble rap and tik tok music

Soundcloud rap is dead, it’s just hip pop now. Drake, Future, Carti, etc

Drake is a boomer now and Future hasn't been relevant in like 5 years

Zoomer rap artists and producers solely aim for a 5-10 second clip that will go viral on TikTok. That's what rap music has become. Kanye and friends are just the echoes of an ending era.

Drake is a boomer now

And yet he's on every playlist, it's fucking weird.

All beep boop music is the same. Back in my day (1972) we didn't have demonic electronicals in our music. We played using real instruments in front of a live audience, no autotune at all.

Yeah we sang about fucking broads and stuffed cucumbers into our jeans so they drool over our dicks so we could score more teen slit after the show. Kids still love it right


Someone who's trying to be relevant again, like the other olds taking their music off spotify.

She's riding on the fact that one of her songs has seen a bit of a resurgence - and has had some radio time for the first time since the dinosaurs walked the earth - due to it being featured in a Netflix series recently.