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Things_Make_Me_Seethe has published the next volume of his landphobic magnum opus | thread noticed by AHS 🥰

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p.s. this isn’t Reddit; if you post cp here, we will forward all of your information to law enforcement and aggressively pursue legal action


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This is the search result for "brap" on LoveForLandlords.

Fucking imagine this is where your life has ended up: trying to police people on the internet for free, with committed detective work, trying to break the case of the hidden braps.

I don't think drugaddicts or degenerates should kill themselves, but people like this are unbelievably pathetic, and should consider ceasing this kind of behavior immediately, because it can only bring a modicum of pleasure, and they're all going to end up keeping themselves safe once they realize where their lives have ended up.

These people are more disgusting than g*mers, or people who simp for streamers. Dare I say: they're worse than SRDines.

Iv'e said it before and I'm saying it again. AHS users are not good people. Trying to get groups of people banned and ruined for saying things you don't like when they keep to themselves is not something good people do. These are basically the kids that tried getting other kids in trouble for excluding them, even though they just didn't fit into their cliche. Except they grew up with out ever learning to mind their own business.

They're worse than internet janitors. They're - may Allah (pbuh) forgive me - the hall monitors of the Internet.

Good day brother !

When speaking of Allah, The Exalted, The Majestic and Sublime, you do not put '(pbuh)'.

Instead, we should follow it with '(swt)', for this is short for Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, and is a more appropriate honorific !

شاكرين لكم على حسن تعاونكم, Sheikh Yusuf Estes

>cross-site sameposting

The hustle is real.

We do what we must

The brapposter ranches in the heads of the hogs rent-free

AHS'ers are the type of people who would've reminded the teacher about the homework he forgot.

Most of them are SRDines

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


Most recently they are once again falsely accusing our subreddit by saying we are a ban evasion for r/ageplaypenpals when we obviously are not.

After the death of George Floyd, they became obsessed with posting threads about a fake "bobblehead" George Floyd Funko Pop toy.

The part about Bardfinn taking the funko pop obsession at face value and calling them r/coomers was hilarious. Were it anyone else, I would assume it was a self-aware dig, but with him I’m 99% sure it’s unironic.

ban evasion for r/ageplaypenpals

Whoever said this is a legend.

Oh shit that was my comment lol

It takes a real AHS member to know the difference between a fake and real funky pop

A message to those those coming here from the link on r/AgainstHateSubreddits:

First of all we don't want to make new subreddits and accounts, because we are over reddit, quite the opposite we want reddit users to leave behind their accounts and make an new account on this site, we are a diverse community of users from different backgrounds, who are united in their enjoyment of internet drama and bussy.

Here are the values that we hold and we won't compromise on:

  • Racism, sexism, transphobia and antisemitism are all disgusting, and we must fight against them with all our power to make the world a better place.
  • Helping oppressed people with our actions and mitigating the actions of opressors is the most important virtue.
  • Right wing politics is biggest evil of the world.

If you agree make an account and participate in our community, we welcome you with open arms.

It truly is sick how reddit allows this kind of behavior. Hopefully we can build a user base to fight with

Don't forget mayocide. Mayocide and bussy are the twin pillars of drama culture.

I messaged him a link to the thread yesterday lmao

that's not nice, they are friends

they are nonfrens

lol i'll do it in a minute

have to set the website back up

Right wing politics is biggest evil of the world.

Damn straight.

Trans rights!


hole sum

Right wing politics is biggest evil of the world.

This but unironically

Do the Reddit admins really believe everything that's posted on AHS?

Not everything, they've banned some AHScels in the past, but the 175k janny very obviously has a chadmin on speed-dial.

That's because the admins and power mods are in group chats with each other. Of course there are other group chats (ex: admins only), but still.

I have always firmly believe group chats are for losers.

Pedo Bardfinn is close with admin Chtorr, they colluded to ban r/GC I heard


As someone who has had the displeasure of working with Chtorrr on a semi-regular basis, I can confirm that she acts like your typical petty power-tripping janny except with admin powers. Not even the other admins like her, she never gets invited to company events.

Spill the giga janny beans boss man

Oh do tell more 👀


fuck chtorrr, honestly

calling her a r-slur would be a compliment

That's hilarious. I assume she's a diversity hire then?

I always figure reddit paid jannies are the way they are because they got rejected from all the tech companies the smart happy people get to work for in Silicon Valley. Reddit was their last choice and they had to take it. Like applying to Harvard and Princeton and instead only being accepted to community college down the street.

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

dish dish dish

Come on, tell us more. Don't tease.

Not anymore, the trainspedo admin got fired.

I'm not sure they believe the accusations but I do think they use that sub to find subs that could be possibly problematic in today's media. They have people doing it for free so they will keep acting like they are listening to the spergs concerns.

Problematic to advertisers too. Hope Reddit bans porn like Tumblr did and ironically end up creating a mass exodus/one handed coomer revolution.

tumblr banning porn was the day the internet died.

The trains and liberal arts students pretty much kept to that. Now they are spreading their bull shit everywhere

Tumblr only banned porn because Apple made them. They removed them from the app store because they weren't properly getting rid of CP or some shit, so instead of doing that they banned anything resembling a nipple.

banned anything resembling a nipple.

They were only trying to ban “female presenting nipples” but their algorithm ended up removing male nipples unless next to an owl.


Imagine someone spends a few thousand hours compiling a 1000 page report on reddit's issue with radlib and leftist calls to violence just to send it to every advertiser.

I wish I could do that, and frankly I would. But unfortunately, I have a job. Hopefully there is someone more neurodivergent than me who can do it.

Get some /pol/ack to do it.

I'd do it, but I have no idea where to start.

Lmao hitler would have it easy in current year

Do NOT play the rigged lottershe!!!


It would be funny to see if Twitter could possibly get worse. The tumblr porn ban brought the tumblr coomers all there, and I would love to see the redditards and tumblrstrags duking it out 2014 style on Twitter.

Twitter is pretty good if you follow the right people. Finance Twitter has funny posts every day, much more frat bro than Tumblr sjw.

I'm not sure they believe the accusations

Didn't it turn out that a lot of r/shitredditsays mods were alts of the admins like 6 years ago? I distinctly remember drama about this. If so, they def believe it.

That was absolutely not true. That was some hilarious bullshit lore some morons actually believed tho.

A lot of the SRS mods actually got doxxed, which was right as the sub began to decline in activity (wonder whyyyy). I'm sure their dox is still floating around some long forgotten website still. It was nothing entertaining if I remember correctly.

Was that hoe Laurelai and her stuff came to light, or was she enough of a lolcow to be known before that?

where they?? do you mean the archangelles ? lol