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The Dramafugee Guide to Rdrama.net Assimilation

edit 1AUG21: If you’re here from Pewkie’s new sticky, that’s great! Thanks! This is a bit outdated, it’s all still there but we’ve since added a ton of new stuff as well. Figure it out. Or ask.

You may also notice flies swarming this thread - some Clever Trevor hit this post with the Shitpost award. It’s among many fun little things you’ll be able to buy with dramacoin (karma - not real money) in the near future. We’re still building that shop. It should be live by next weekend. Sorry about the flies.

Hi! Thanks for coming! Here's a brief rundown of useful and/or fun stuff you can do to get acclimated to your new safe space

  1. Username and flair customization - Update your display name at any time. Your original name is always reserved by you, so there's no need to worry about someone jacking it while you go around as Cockmelter3000 or whatever for a few days. You can also choose the color of your flair and name. Flairs also allow for our robust (and growing) custom emojis. That's so cool, wow.

  2. Profile pictures and banners, animations welcome + encouraged - Self-explanatory, this one. We're all old and terminally online, and we miss OG forums a lot. While signatures aren't really feasibly useful with the current stack, we'd like to at least somewhat revive the feel of the internet of yesteryear. Reddit is a massive site, but virtually everyone is an interchangeable and easily forgotten username. With prominent and lively avatars and the like, we're hoping to get back to the e-communal spirit of days gone by.

  3. Themes! - Set one of the default themes that you like best and completely change the way the site looks. These were just launched yesterday (3JUL21) so the options are limited to six right now, but more are coming, and with much more variety. Coffee and TronPurple are my favorites at present. BLM, Pride, Furry and some garish pastel with Comic Sans are coming soon. Or soon-ish. Or down the line. Who knows.

  4. Emojis - touching back on the desire to revive the oldschool forum feel, we've integrated a little over 300 custom emojis including Marsey, platy, Taytay and a few hundred ancient early-mid 00s ezboard emojis I stole. You can enter them manually with traditional markup (i.e. surround the name of the emoji with colons), or use that slick emoji picker smiley face icon beneath the text entry field.

  5. Tenor integration - Click the GIF button and enter a search query, then click the picture you want. Type fewer words than ever before and express yourself with imagery produced by someone else for another purpose entirely. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

  6. Rules - Oh no, rules No but really, just don't post anything illegal (in the US), creepy libertarian shit, or doxxing (within reason) and you'll be fine. That's pretty much all it says. That, and we reserve the right to remove garbage posts that aren't funny, tedious agendaposts, mdefugees, things that we think removing will elicit a reaction from you, etc.

  7. Bots - All the simplistic python scripts you know and love and feel an affinity with from r/drama are hardcoded directly into the site, so you can always be surrounded by the illusions of old friends. Snappy is here (and uncastrated), you will be zozzed at some point, even longpostbot is here to shame you for typing too much.

  8. DMs - Slide on into someone's DMs with a dick pic or threats to post bussy or face dire consequences. It's easy, just click their username and smash that Message button.

  9. Followers - Become a dramaverse influencer by accumulating as many followers as you can. They'll be notified when you make a new post, and you might even land a coveted spot on the Leaderboard so everyone can see that you've finally made it in life. Try it on my profile. Right now. I will unironically ban you if you don't. Hurry.

  10. Leaderboards - Keep track of who the most hip and happening autists are. Realtime postcount, dramacoin and follower high scores. Someone said something you don't like? See if they're on one of these and mock the shit out of them for it.

  11. Visible voters - Click the three little dots on any thread or comment and then click Votes. Find out who downvoted your hilarious commentary on a Twitter thread no one bothered to read and call that snake out. You can also just quickly view Up/Down totals by clicking the number displayed by the votes, so like +58/-2 or whatever. This is such a long post and I'm really running out of steam here.

  12. Two-factor authentication - Temporarily quell, or at least turn the volume down on the paranoid chittering inside your head by enabling 2FA to protect your precious homosexual pink dating site account even further. Very cool!

  13. Saved posts/comments - You know what this is from Reddit, I'm not explaining it here. Three dots by a post. Click it, then click save. You can access your saved content from your profile.

  14. Our very own Android app! - I can't vouch for the quality of this since I'm not poor and thus have a real phone (iOS app coming soon), and it was also just launched yesterday (3JUL21), but our very own Krc very nicely put together a native app for the povertycels out there. This is an official product and can safely be used without any more fear than comes with using the website in the first place. What are the features? What is coming to it in the future? I have no idea, but I bet it's nice.

  15. @Aevann develops pretty much everything for this site and he does really amazing and impossibly fast work. There are a lot more features coming soon. Like later today, we should have the option to embed music on our profiles so you can pretend you're back on MySpace. I don't care if you don't want this, I do, so don't bother complaining. There's a lot more in the pipeline, and requests/suggestions are always welcome and will definitely be actioned if they're both good and not too much of a pain in the ass. They don't even actually have to be good I guess, let's try to keep things on-brand.

UPDATE: Profile songs are now live and I am SO HAPPY. At present, you’ll only hear them on desktop though. NOW MOBILE-FRIENDLY

Anyway that's all, thanks again for coming. If you don't like something, that's fine - tell us what you don't like and why you don't like it. If you have a suggestion to make it likeable, definitely include that too. "It's shit" is fine and good feedback, but it's not useful feedback. We'd like it to not be shit though, so telling us why it's shit is beneficial to everyone.

And one final note, since I've seen this mentioned a few times: No, this will not turn into some edgelord mdefugee shithole. This isn't Voat or Ruqqus or whatever, this will always be what r/drama once was. That won't change.

xoxo Carp 💋

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Wow this looks like a lot of effort. I wonder how much compensation this was worth.


The happiness of having some semblance of the old arr drama back is worth the lack of financial compensation.

is it?

We should double their salary!


It's pretty amazing how in a month or so you can develop a site with superior features to reddit.


Then again, reddit is either features that are 15 year old (aka too old for its jannies), or newer ones that are utter dogs hit.

So its mot a very high bar to surpass.

This is a restyled clone of Ruqqus tho

When are we getting golderinos and silverinos to give to the very cool posters of this site?

EDIT: Wow, 1000 updoterinos?! I feel so blessed!

EDIT2: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

We use a heavily modified version of the Ruqqus framework, and Ruqqus has coins, so it’s definitely possible. Whether Aevann wants to use that system is still in the air, though. imo it’s a good idea to fund the site and I really like the idea of a shitcoin or something so I can pay real money to express how much I dislike a post but ymmv

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I think it should be something that actually does something, as opposed to a little png next to the username, but it should also not disrupt the way the site functions, e.g. superupvote or removing a comment, because that would inevitably lead to the terminally online, who have nothing else to do than waste their money on dumb shit like that, to overrun this site and genocide us natives.

Im thinking maybe some obnoxious css for the comment or something. Making it shake or spin around like the r/drama css back in the day. Or display a giant BLM banner above it, for MDEfugee posts etc.

Is there any way to turn a person's entire comment upside down? That would annoy the shit out of me, so it should be a thing.

But then you could just gift it again and it would go back to normal. Instead, I think there should be an award that simply rotates it by like 11 degrees, that way it would be really difficult to get it to go back.

uǝʌǝ noʎ plnoʍ ʎɥʍ

Please make coalgifting a comment real thx 🙏

Also new themes when? Or how can I help in creating one?

I'm working on a shitty CSS theme, we'll force-push it on MDEfugees and rightoids.

You forgot to mention some other things:

  • Trans Lives Matter: The top 25 users (by dramacoins) get rainbow colored usernames

  • You can also see a list of admiggers badmins here (It is tradition to harass the shit out of everyone on this list)

  • Unlike reddit, we are transparent: All admin actions are located here

  • A list of all banned users is located here

  • If you'd like to see the list of pussies, we have that here

  • You can get notifs for new comments on a thread by clicking the subscribe button (next to the "Copy link" button)

  • I stayed up all night in my programming socks making a Python API wrapper. It's published here.

  • Unlike reddit, we are open source. Contribute here

  • Join the shitty discord server here

tfw not enough internet points

I guess now that we're losing our homeland, I'll actually have to start using this site.

this is like the Jews being evicted from P*lestine

We should all tag ourselves with our join number

Blocking snappy should be a permaban

Trans Lives Matter: Users with 2000+ dramacoins get rainbow colored usernames

we changed that requirement to be instead the users visible on the top 25 dramacoins leaderboard

Wow that’s gay.

It was funnier when literally everyone on the leaderboard had it except for @Landlord_Messiah


It's snazzy, but I like my soothing teal username.

Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.

Lol you banned my drewiepoodle and gallowboob accounts with like 1 comment that i was never gonna use


The drama hegemony

need 150 dramcoins to join discord


fuck off carp

Snappy is a nativist

thank u i love the website i can envision many years of rewarding fun here. inshallah i will have my grandson sitting on my lap one day while i show him my posts and comments on this site, and maybe if i’m lucky i will help him register an account here.

Being on this site precludes you from ever spawning children, never mind grandchildren.

i’m over here coping with a low sperm count

God, I hope there is mass wave of immigration to this site, we need to replace our aging population and I miss Pizza's spergs

@pizzashill is here and confirmed to be the genuine article

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

Oh my god that's amazing! I really want to see his seethe

@longpostbot is going to be drowning in dramacoin now that Pizza is here.

"Appearances are often deceiving"

Thank Christ. How'd you verify? He send his bussy pix?

Surely the only way to verify. Bussy is as unique as a fingerprint.