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They must think he isn't going to run again in 2024 or will lose the primary. I refuse to believe there isn't some kind of angle here

They got called out in The Atlantic. I know it means nothing to us but for groups like the ACLU (and their donors more importantly) this was really really bad, like, just below Jan 6th bad, but not 9/11 bad

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Oh, NO! Not called out in The Atlantic!


Its a big deal for neolibs ok

The man above me is a groomer.


I thought 1/6 was like 10x worse than 9/11.

We need a fucking scorecard.

It was 1/6th as bad

When you sit at Nancy Pelosi desk and cause 10 9/11’s


When you get to sniff AOCs chair


1/6 is an event worthy of starting a new calendar.

Also they likely know drunpf can’t come back to Twitter due to a contractual obligations with truth social

He'll just ignore his contractual obligations (like always) and the Truth Social cucks will let him because they're terrified of annoying his dimwitted loyalists.

Im pretty sure they didn't support his ban in the first place. But nvm I think I'm mixing ACLU with EFF?

Maybe the post is ironic?

It literally reads like they just want him back on Twitter so they can make more legal cases against. 400 cases filed against him? Anybody else would be hit with a SLAPP.

It's amusing to me that they mention how many cases they filed against him but not how many cases they won against him.

Sounds like the ACLU is confessing to DDOS'ing the legal system.

lawfare is the 21st century musket

Wanting him unbanned just so they can just sue his ass is based though.

It's a reminder to his handlers that they are better off with the ban

This what the ACLU should be, supporting all civil liberties instead of just liberal liberty.

Funny then that they deliberately show their bias in the first sentence

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more steadfast opponent of Trump and his policies than the ACLU,

Policies shouldn’t matter to the ACLU unless unconstitutional

You can have opinions yet still support yoir opponents rights.

The ACLU used to defend neo nazis right to protest.

The ACLU defend the Charlottesville protestors right to use a public park. That was a big turning point for them so they decided to stop support the right to protest with some vague thing about how they use firerms at the event.

Trumps policies are violations of civil rights and 2 impeachments is enough to show that he frequently violates the constitution.

Wrong chud. The ACLU should continue to solely focus on Trans liberties because they have the least amount of voices to support them. :soyreddit:

Chase Strangio must be locked up in a closet somewhere. This doesn't sound like the modern day ACLU I know.


Not directly related to this but

Below is a reaction from Anthony D. Romero, ACLU executive director:

Anthony D. Romero (Born July 9, 1965) is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union. He assumed the position in 2001 as the first latinx and openly gay man to do so.

the first latinx and openly gay man to do so

This crakkka born in NYC is latinx? :marseyconfused:


What're you looking at smooth-skin.

He's gotta be a member of the tribe

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Literally looks like a skinny version of the Heeb from The Wire

He's not openly latinx.

Openly gay, deeply closeted latinx :marseymexican:


Literally looks like an Aryan Brotherhood member that rapes the new guy's ass in jail.

His skin is too soft and pretty to be doing the raping :marseysmug2: look at those cute twink lips

Literally. He looks like fucking Schillinger from Oz


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The give away are the eyes and lips, I bet if you left him out in the sun for a couple of days he'd look like your average Southern South American.

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I guess their engagement and donationbux are down since Trump got banned and it's becoming increasingly difficult to blame all issues on him.

They miss Trump cuz now that have to put effort into their FUD harvests