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Everything was actually believable. Maybe a bit doubtful, but still well within the realm of possibility.

Redditors should neck themselves.

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Epstein killing himself is completely within the realm of possibility

This unironically.

Epstein killed himself but JFK also killed himself.

Turtles have short regs, not for walking

Turtles have short regs, not for the walking


This fake thing I believed says everything about society, and nothing about me, the rart who fell for it.


Lmao all those thousands of people who don't have a clue about the Bardfinn meta references or Marsey or trains.


Just goes right over their heads.

Nigga, we're the sickos for knowing the lore and obsessing over it

“Hey so there’s this Reddit moderator (or mod for short) /u/bardfinn who posts these really long essays as comments and she’s a trans (or train as we would call it aha) woman born as Steven Atkins and is now Penny Oaken and beat xer wife and refuses to pay his child support and I promise bro she has big connections with Reddit gigajannies (jannies is a term you probably don’t know, it means moderator because they’re like janitors because they ‘clean up’ the comment section ahaha, and they’re called giga because these ones are actually paid isn’t this fun?) and hates rdrama so much it’s insane, we have this bot that tracks every time someone mentions xer and the site hasn’t even gone a day yet without mentioning him isn’t that so funny anyway you wanna smash or”

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Also I upvote the bot every single time


Coin farm!

You forgot to add a bit about how we call trans people trains



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Who downmarseyed me :marseyraging:





"even if it's faked, it says a lot that it's so believable"


Pennys do be beating wives

"Train company" the lore is complex.


It says more about the fact that I believed it more than anything else sweety. This is a rampant example of the abuses in American work places.


One thing that definitivamente DID happen is the funny Fox TV show Family Man making tons of people laugh. Check out the sub /r/familyman!


It’s a good show

And a good sub!

About a good show!


The fact that it makes me laugh says more about Fox's hit TV show Family Man than it does about me.

I'm gonna beat you like i beat my ex wife


brags about 30 upvotes on a botted website full of government agents

22 fucking k

@yurt needs a very special 20k award

lol I didn't even read the name when I saw that post, just rolled my eyes and moved on.

In hindsight, the train company and thinly veiled Bardfinn reference were a nice touch.

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They jannied it because of personal information.

Should have censored "Mr Marsey" laugh my fucking ass off

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Fake story

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someone names the bard

whole comments section gets y’alld