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The Marsey Conspiracy Supercut: 1 Dramatard vs 50,000 Antiworkers

To commemorate their struggle to find the truth.

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absolutely beautiful



needs more annoying sound effects

I don't like how the keyboard sounds don't match with the typing :grr:


It needs some awoogas and whistles

should have ended with a carp fart

Best event since TxBountyHunters


i kinda still like libs of tiktok furry hour more, but this was a top quality get

easily 98th percentile

Gave me goosebumps. Is this the trailer to the MCU (Marsey Cinematic Universe)?

Where is the image where they pieced together the mystery lol

I woke up to it being 40k upvotes. Beautiful lmao

She's a cunt though. Unironically. ~retarded_masturbator

My dis track:

This warrants a Master Baiter badge!

I love this website.

What score is this and why did you CUCK me on the climax

E; nevermind found out but holy shit we're really reaching the end game arent we

This is absolute perfection :marseychefkiss:


tryin something

![](/images/16524466048092895.webp) ![](


You probably spent 5x as much time making this video than I did making the post


And you got a shiny new badge, too :marseywholesome:

Please make it longer to include this music too

1:10 to 1:20


Damn Ellen Page was such a qt :marseysadge:

Ellen Paige was my tomboy waifu before the globalists put the tomboy extinction fluoride into the water supply :(


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

I hate myself for not knowing where this soundtrack came from.


You're 25. You're not old enough to make a god damn educated decision about Time Cube. If you're dumb, stupid and evil, you can learn from the lessons of Nature rather than accept deadly math:

1- Cubic Time is above 4e math.

2- Time Cube is the same everywhere. Same for

3- Time Cube is Omnificence (no God). Cubic math is proof.

Educated adults of Earth have no choice but to accept the truth of Time Cube.


How long until people will start lurking here and ruin all the good bait? Will I actually have to figure out how to get into the country club?

the scope of dramabait will just get bigger, big enough that even the most anti-fun of online snitches cant ruin

I wasnt present to witness the reddit boston bombing investigations. But i cant believe redditors are actually trying to piece together fake ass info to try and dox a railroad company. Can anyone who was there confirm if this feels the same?

My exboss LITERALLY texted me back: no dude im bussy lmao

wtf are dramatards learning to baitpost without being racist and r-slurred?

My exboss LITERALLY texted me back: no dude im bussy lmao

Hey that ones me! :marseyjam:

wtf are dramatards learning to baitpost without being racist and r-slurred?

Nah I just think they've ran out of available variations on the usernames like nillkiggers etcs

Link the image

Top quality work



















!slots 136