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This is quite literally what they ask for and they're still upset.

Woke g*mers bitch about getting exactly what they want. Corpo's stunned that attempts to appeal to this demographic are (once again) not going over as well as they hoped.

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Senescent. :#platyold:

Death to leftist g*mers :marseyshooting:

Death to rightoid g*mers :marseyshooting:

Death to politically apathetic g*mers :marseyshooting:

Death to g*mers :marseyshooting:

Day of the unplug when?

She know that Iโ€™m lying but the cash real

With my switch I can thwart your devious plans.


Day of when you come and try

Imagine me being scared of a g*amer

Iโ€™ll unplug your router too

She know that Iโ€™m lying but the cash real

I only play fighting games, so come prepared.

this. I've found that my internet experience is better when I block gaymers

Listen chud you don't need a problematic tool for this. You're just supposed to make every character a gay black overweight Muslim woman in a wheelchair who has had 6 abortions.

You're exaggerating things. The engineer in Battletech isn't in a wheelchair and we don't know how many abortions she's had.

They* have had

We don't know their pronouns, men can also have abortions

Whoa whoa slow down, sometimes abortions can have men too. Without knowing specifically lets not jump to assumptions.

men can also have abortions

Hey man I know it's Friday but are you drunk? I said that. Send me 50 DC to make up for it

There you go

Battletech was a really good game, but I waited 4 years before buying it on sale because of the pronoun cute twinkry some train on the dev team pushed. I just want cool mechs and space drama, not modern wokeshit.

It's a bad game, it's broken (loading times), it's shit compared to MechCommander 2 from 20 years ago. And you're unironically posting that you didn't play it because of idpol reasons but now you like it because they fired a ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ. Wow, that's really impressive. I like you. No, I respect you. This is very brave of you.

I didn't know they fired anyone, I just waited for a sale.

And the load times are shit, but they got the tone of Battletech just right. None of the modern PGI games get that right.

They like to see corporations embrace globohomo shit, but they hate the thought of a bunch of mid-level execs sitting around a table and creating KPIs showing that globohomo shit will drive revenue. Even though that's obviously what happens - the problem here is that Activision is letting normies peek into the cringey reality of how this works.

Good (downvoted) comment from the /r/games thread on this:

I'm shocked and appalled that The Thing People Have Been Demanding More Of has been quantified in a way such that it can be determined whether there is More Of It or not

Wokies are like women, whatever you give them will never be enough. They'll just ask for more.

Why is it taking companies so long to figure this out?

They are r-slurred


People who count the money are probably familiar with other "socially conscious" causes like climate, and plenty of creatives are (or at least want to be seen as) true believers in the cause, you can't easily tell them to stop or fire them all.

On top of that it's quite hard to get a precise grasp on how PR and marketing even influence your company, it took almost a decade for companies to realize FB and Twitter are great as free advertisement, or that they can use internet to host their own unveiling, presentations etc. - think E3 for gaming companies losing relevance, or car shows for car industry. Even the impact of advertisement is hard to quantify, so how do you calculate whether having more black characters, paying culture sensitivity consultants to accurately portray something in your game, or hiring DEI komisaars to help with HR complaints actually works?

:marseybooba: :marseydragon:

You should see how they act when they just assume that gingers are included in diversified protagonists.*merGhazi/comments/unjtsz/star_wars_jedi_fallen_order_dev_claims_requests/

Impressive linking skillz

this is the most capitalist thing to ever exist


Ah yes marxโ€™s famous quote โ€œi love having a black gay man in doctor whoโ€

>capitalism coldly recognizes and fills a demand


:karlmarxey: :!soymad:

Xe probably hasn't seen that pharma sales presentation on the lifetime expenses of a trans person.

This is good for g*mers

Factcheck: You really believe that shit? Lmao dumbass nigga ๐Ÿคฃ

Trying to make people who whine for a living on the internet happy once again shows itโ€™s ROI.

These people are only happy when some poverty stricken mother does something wholesome then gives her $200k in donations while 99% of other poor people get nothing

They're jut mad because their super unique identity is being randomly generated by a computer program now.

"Heterosexual 0/10" agree.

My mate put on Apex Legends last night, I was utterly baffled by the choice of characters. I hated every last one of them.

Apex Legends is even more egregious than Overwatch, and somehow more annoying. I don't think the sound designer behind Valkyrie considered the fact that I would rather toss myself off a cliff than hear a lesbian constantly sound off Top Gun one liners.

[approved] auto-removed, then approved

Does it say how much wh*tes are worth?

Congrats to our brave dramanauts getting one past the jannies! :marseysaluteusa:

Surprised g*merghazi is still around

They need to make a multiplayer game thatโ€™s balanced around diversity. IE if your character is a black guy with a gun he has twice has much health and damage than a white guy with a gun

But is half as accurate.

Do Kings have a tool to prevent sexual assault and bullying till suicide? :marseytrollcrazy: