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Fired by Starbucks, Union Organizer Now Wears His Fursuit to Rallies :marseycatgirl:


Between that anti-work mod and this, the modern left is fucked.


Michael Vestigo wasn’t sure, at first, if he wanted to bring his fursuit to the union rally in Seattle.

Starbucks fired Vestigo from the Starbucks store in Overland Park, Kansas, on April 1—a week after he and his co-workers staged a walkout to protest unsafe working conditions and retaliation from management against their unionization efforts. That morning, his manager pulled him aside and fired him effective immediately for “displaying violent and threatening behavior,” he told me.

“I'm not that kind of person at all,” Vestigo said. He has social anxiety, and in a job review meeting, he cited “trouble standing up for myself” as a weakness. “It's my personal belief that they took that and they basically targeted me because they thought I would just kind of take it lying down,” he said. Their tiny store—made up of a small staff in a building that Vestigo describes as the size of a couple of shipping containers pressed together to make a drive-through and pickup window—won its union vote a week later, on April 8, making it the first unionized Starbucks in Kansas City.


In videos from the Seattle rally in mid April, where hundreds of people came out to support Starbucks workers’ national unionization movement, Vestigo addresses a crowd as Apollo, his Arctic wolf fursona. “Tell me: Does this look violent and threatening?” he exclaims in one video, stretching his fursuitted arms wide.

He’s one of several now-former Starbucks workers who claim the company fired them for helping organize union drives at their stores. It fired at least 18 pro-union employees between February and April, and the number is still rising. The National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against Starbucks this month, alleging the company has wrongfully fired dozens of organizers. Starbucks’ union-busting tactics are blatant, from flyers citing fake tweets to closing entire stores when they started organizing.

According to Vestigo, Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant invited himself and several other workers to Seattle to join the multiday gathering of labor leaders and other workers in the movement, to meet and participate in marches and rallies. During that trip, Seattle’s Starbucks Reserve Roastery won its union vote unanimously, the day before the big rally.

“While I was in Seattle, doing all of this work, I started to gain confidence, because I was just so sure of what I was doing, and so proud of what we were doing,” Vestigo said. He’d worn the suit at the Overland Park strike, but this was a much bigger event. He checked with the organizers to make sure it was OK, and they were in full support, he said. “So I was like, you know what, I'm gonna do it.”

Holding a microphone at a large labor rights rally, in the hometown of the company he was helping unionize, was a moment he won’t forget, he said. “I was like, how, how did I get here?” he said. “To be there, fully expressing myself and speaking up about something that I was just so passionate about, and seeing that garner any amount of attention, was an awesome feeling. It gave me more confidence than I've ever had in my entire life.”

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Aside from his own part in the day, Vestigo said he hoped going as Apollo would represent the diversity of the movement. “I think one of the things that makes a movement so beautiful is the fact that we can all be united despite our differences,” he said. “I think it's very important to acknowledge that we are very different people. But we are part of the same machine, and we deserve to be treated with respect no matter who we are.”

Now, Vestigo is fighting to get his job back. He’s filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, and hopes to get back to work soon. “Ultimately, that's what I want to do. I really loved working for Starbucks. My team was a second family. They're all amazing people. And I just loved working there.”

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"why doesn't anyone support our movement"

The state of workers movements in america


I present to you, the working class


bros help my braphog and shepherd dog unionized against me and demand half of what I make in my brapbarn what am I supposed to do?

-Sent from Braphone 5

Zero chance the dudes not getting fat stacks from starbys

I've floated "conspiracy theories" like this for years, but any true evidence of it? I remember a Vice "feminist" writer was exposed as emailing like, Ann Coulter, as a conscious, cynical bad actor, 5 years ago. But most evidence seems to support people just this stupid. And then you do a sanity check and go back 100 years, leftists were so annoying they literally caused Fascism. That's not even a conspiracy theory, that's close to the mainstream historical narrative. Regular people were like "these people are so fucking annoying, we need a real rain to wash all the scum off the streets." Then 50 years later: leftists so annoying, hippies, rioting, Reaganites in power for decades.

Point being: we think "social media," "new technologies," but it's functionally exactly the same as 1922 or 1967, leftists can't conceive that their outreach efforts are just propaganda for the opposite. They never have been able to. I think that's true of all of the years. The more dumb shit you say, the more regular people despise you. Most of my life, I seem to have experienced "hippies changed the world" propaganda vs. "hippies elected Nixon and Reagan," they can't even take the L in self-mythologizing, they're r-slurred.

And then you do a sanity check and go back 100 years, leftists were so annoying they literally caused Fascism.

lol, but it's true (or rather its effect on the creation and acceptance of fascism is still debated). Fascism & Communism by Furet and Nolte touches on that issue. Basically, fascism was a reaction to communism which many on the left viewed as too extreme.

Yo, @Sassy_Official_Wendys, give a dawg an upmarsey. I had to remember things and link a good book. C'mon, man.

I've seen people describe it as the right co-opting the communal nature of leftist politics.

>left-right dichotomy

Steps toward centralizing the planning of your economy brings you into the left wing. The greatest feat of leftist academia was arbitrarily putting fascism / national socialism on the right. Both communism and fascism dominated their economy and scorned private property rights, yet somehow fascism must be right wing. At the extreme and in practice, they're simply two faced on the coin of totalitarianism.

One major difference between the two is rhetoric. Back in the day, communism harped about a "universal" ideal of helping "the poor," but when they came to power, it became more self-serving for a new class: the political elites and their cadre. Trotsky was basically killed for publicly noticing this. The international aspect also is dropped when communists focus on their country, such as Stalin's declaration of a Patriotic War which brought back historic symbols and monoments of Great Russians. Almost sounds like national socialism, which skipped that rhetoric and talked big about putting one group of people over all others (with exceptions of course).

The "communal nature" of governance is also another interesting aspect, but words words words. Left-wing acedemics generally look at a community that communally organizes some resource and declares it to be (proto-)socialism. They conveniently overlook the defining and enforcement of private property rights within a given community, especially with hunter-gatherer and early agricultural societies.

Your pulitzer's in the mail

Thanks, LP! I love Pulitzer's!


Why is this still a debate 100 years later?

They'd lose their moral footing, so it's easier to be intellectually dishonest. They'd have to admit that their ideology is practically the same as the most heckin evilest ideology of the world.

What’s your go to example of leftists, I mean actual leftists, being close to fascists today?

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Fascism is Diet Nazism, just like Socialism is Diet Communism

No proof for it, me saying that it's a shill is literally a cope because it bums me out to think this is what my fellow American is like.

why the fuck does the fursuit have bedroom eyes in only half the photos? does he have a second head for sex stuff?

:marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd:

Oh my God, I'm so glad you noticed that.

magnetic eyelids

so he lowered them for sex stuff after one of the public appearances and forgot to put them back up before trying to be the face of labor organizing?

Tldr was he fired for molesting kids, coworkers or customer dogs?

If he wasn't, it's just because he wasn't caught when he was doing it.



This says a lot about leftoids


He's in a costume so someone needs to beat the shit out of him. Then, when he complains about getting beat up, ask why he was smiling the whole time.

When clowns lead your movement you don't wonder why it's treated as a joke

??/ FURsiuti Wolfman NOT Requested; CUst SVcs AS REQUASTED, SEnd Instrux, To """COCK TO COCK CUmTransfer""" HOw TEMPORARY Store FOREign CUM in Balls. ? Thx


It's a new form of docking never previously thought possible

I wish some billionaire rightoid would pay me by the hour to dress up in a fursuit and go to rallies and act r-slurred to make the leftoids look bad. That would be so much fun

rightoids have been reduced to :chudsey: and :marseytinfoil2:

leftoids have been reduced to ... this

it really is the end of history! we did it capitalist-bros :marseycapitalistmanlet:

looks like a male feminist

Temba, his fursuitted arms wide.

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.


God fucking damnit I fucking hate furries and I fucking hate radlibs and american leftists

What propaganda? Where would they hear it? Because they hear the exact opposite from: every TV station, all of hollyweird, the entire education system from kindergarten to postgraduate, all large political parties in the Western world, every tech platform bar none, and any other established entity. Hearing the truth from shitposters on extremely fringe internet forums, in the face of full-spectrum brainwashing from birth, does in fact make one more of a free thinker.